Delivering love to the DR!

Thank you all so very much for wanting to know more about my mission trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  I have the BEST clients ever!!  Your love and support means so much to me!

First of all, we had safe and uneventful travels which is always a plus when you travel to third world countries!  Our team stayed healthy, and we instantly bonded. Our hosts were amazing–they so graciously and humbly served us!  The food was great–we had the most amazingly fresh fruit every meal!  :-)

The focus for this mission trip was to provide medical care for the local Dominicans that live in and near the surrounding area of a piece of land, now called Fuenta de Vida, which our church partner, By Grace Alone Ministries, recently purchased. The land will soon house a permanent clinic, school, orphanage, dormitories for short term missionaries, and housing for long term missionaries.  The temporary medical clinic we set up was in an open-air school in the town of La Bomba.  Classrooms were used as offices for the general practitioners, dentists & dental hygienists, optometrists, and pharmacists.  However, school was still in session for the week, so kids were always around, which was so cool because we were able to spend some quality time with them and capture some amazing images!

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