April 2015

What Time of Day Should I Schedule a Newborn Shoot?


It’s time to capture those special moments of your newborn in a newborn photo shoot. It’s a big deal. You should work hard to find the right photographer, hopefully someone that specializes in newborn shots. You’ll also want to spend a bit of time thinking about what you want your child to wear, what poses to choose, and who will come with you. All of these are important parts of making this event special and memorable. However, one of the most important things to consider is when to bring your child in for a newborn photo shoot.

Give it time

Depending on your photographer, you may have a few hours of time to play with when it comes to these photo shoots. That will give you time in between photo shoots to ensure your child gets cuddles and comfort. The goal here is not to rush things. The best way to do that is to ensure that you give your photographer and your baby plenty of time during the shoot.

Don’t come at feeding times

Of course newborns need to eat frequently, but if your child is on a schedule at all, ensure you keep him or her to it. This ensures the baby isn’t going to be hungry and upset about it. A full baby’s belly, keeps the baby happy. That’s something you want to ensure. Bring a bottle along for in between sessions, too. This will help you to have enough time.

Keep your baby awake before the photo shoot

Many of the best photo shoots with newborns are those that are created when the child is sleeping. Try to keep the baby awake for an hour or two prior to the studio. Give the baby a bath before arriving, play a bit, and then come in. You’ll want the baby to exercise his or her lungs before they come in. Let them tire out a bit. This will ensure the child is going to have a more relaxed session when you come in.

Choose the right time of the day

Believe it or not, one of the best times for a newborn photo shoot is first thing in the morning. Most babies will sleep more soundly during this time. Afternoon sessions can be harder to plan because small things can throw the child off his or her schedule, creating the potential for upset babies. Try to choose a time that works well for your child, though. Most importantly, you need to make sure your child is going to be in a comfortable environment when he or she is the most relaxed, happy, and calm.

It is also important for you to think about your own schedule. You’ll need to be very calm and relaxed throughout the photo shoot as well. This is very important for mothers, especially, since babies quickly pick up on mom’s mood. The good news is you shouldn’t worry. Most of the time, your child’s true character will come out in the shots when you work with a skilled photographer.

What Should I Have My Child Wear to a Photo Shoot?



Whether you are bringing just one child in for a photo shoot or the entire family, one of the most frequently asked questions parents have is about what the child should wear. Of course this is a very personal decision. And, your photo shoot may be limited time-wise, making it harder for you to have as much as time as you would like for endless outfits. Beyond just considering how many outfits, think about what you want them to wear instead. That is, make each outfit count, but make sure it fits your child’s personality. These tips will give you the best results.

Wear what you love

Perhaps the best advice you can have when it comes to choosing clothing for your child’s photo shoot is as simple as choosing outfits, looks, colors, and patterns that you love. Here are a few tips to making that happen.

  • Choose colors and styles that your child likes (if he or she is old enough to have opinions yet!) They will feel more confident in these outfits and definitely more likely to pose comfortably.
  • Don’t choose items that are hard to put on or uncomfortable. Most photo sessions involved moving around in various positions. Comfortable (and the ability to move easily) are very important factors for clothing.
  • Don’t choose something your son or daughter hates. It will show in that scroll across his or her face during the photo shoot!

Thinking about group shots?

Often times, parents who are bringing a group in, or even just two children, are looking for recommendations on matching clothing. Of course, you do not need to do this. In other cases, you’ll want to make sure they coordinate in some way. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • For casual pictures, have everyone wear denim. It’s easy to match, comfortable, and still stylish enough to wear in any way.
  • Go with a color pallet that is unique, but matches. For example, choose all pastels or all jewel tones. Having everyone wear a touch of pink or a touch of green, for example, can help bring the photo shoot together.
  • Don’t make them all wear the same thing. Let their personalities come out. Perhaps your teenage boy really hates wearing ties. Let his personality come out with an open collar. Choose clothing that has the same color in each item, but not as the main color. A small amount of “the same” color or style on each person can make a big difference.

You can do whatever you want when it comes to what your child wears. It’s a good thing to ensure the clothing is previously worn – to avoid any issues with comfort or sizing. It is also a good idea to ensure anything worn isn’t right out of the packet to avoid folded lines and creases in the items. Of course, you do get to be in charge of the clothes, so being creative always works well!


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Charlotte, NC baby photography photographs puppies!

Charlotte, NC baby photography photographs puppies!

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Charlotte, NC baby photography photographs puppies!

Charlotte, NC baby photography photographs puppies!