May 2015

How to Share Your Newborn’s Photos With Family


Getting photos of your newborn is a great way to capture an important stage in your child’s life. While this is an important part of being a parent, there are other people in the baby’s life that will want to remember this time as well. Sharing the photos with your family is a great gift that they will enjoy. Whether you want to choose to give them photos during a holiday or just after the baby is born, they will appreciate the offer. When it comes to sharing the photos, we live in a technology filled time that offers you many options. You can choose to share the files digitally or print them for your family. There are many different options you will want to consider based on who you are giving the photos to.


Digital Photos


One of the easiest ways to share photos with your family is digitally. This allows you to send the photos through the computer. Because most people have internet on their phones nowadays, they are able to get the photos instantly no matter where they are. From here, they can check out the shots to see which ones they want to print out. This is a good option for those who have family living in all different cities. Mailing photos can require a lot of money. You want to be extra careful mailing photos because they could easily get damaged. By sending the photos digitally, you don’t have to worry about special packing and paying for postage.


Printed Images


One of the best ways to provide photos of your newborn to family is by printed images. Here, you have several options to choose from. A lot of photographers will sell you a cd of the photo session so you can print however many images you want. You can also choose where to have the images printed. This means if you prefer a special place, you can go and get them printed there. Other photographers offer a printed option for you. This can cost you additional money, but it can save you time as well. The photographer will take care of the details regarding your photos being printed. You just wait for them to be completed and sent to you. Once the images are printed, you can decide who to give the extra photos to.


Social Media


Sometimes, all one needs is just to be able to look at the photo. By using social media, you are able to share images with people all over the world, especially family. Most people use social media to be able to connect to others that aren’t nearby. Sharing pictures on social media is very easy. It can be done in seconds if you have the images available online. With just a few clicks, your family will be able to check out your newborn pictures. This allows everyone you want to be able to see your precious newborn.


How Soon After Birth Should We Schedule a Newborn Shoot?


As an expecting mother, you look forward to the many things you will be able to do with your child. This includes everything from seeing them taking their first steps to getting their newborn pictures taken. Having a baby is an exciting time and you want to be able to remember this time when they get older. In order to do this, most couples will schedule a newborn shoot to help capture the baby’s first days. If you are looking to capture your newborn with a photoshoot, you want to make sure you schedule it before the baby is born. This will allow you to be sure the photographer will be available when you need them. Not all babies are born on their due date so you need to be able to work with your photographer closely around the time you expect the baby.

Age of the Baby

The biggest component of choosing when to take the baby’s photos is their age. You want the baby to be easily movable without doing too much squirming. This will help the session go a lot smoother. The younger the baby is, the easier they will be to maneuver. This is important so that you or the photographer can pose the baby the way you want them. The older the baby is, the less you will be able to keep them in one position. All babies are different and you won’t know what to expect until you start working with them. Each day can be different.

Most photographers prefer for the baby to be between 5 and 10 days. It is easier to work with babies this age because they sleep most of the time. A lot will depend on if this can happen like the health of the baby and the mom. Most moms choose to have the newborn shots within the first three months.

If you choose to schedule the photo session before the baby reaches 5 days old, you may run into some nursing problems. Most mothers don’t get their milk in until the fifth day so the baby requires to nurse more often. When you have to keep stopping for the baby to eat and be changed, it can make the photo session linger on longer than it has to.

Babies older than 2 weeks are not as easy to curl up. You may have to go for other poses during this time. This is when you can dress them up in your favorite outfit or sit them somewhere you like. You will be less likely to get shots of the baby sleeping during this time.

Baby Acne

A lot of babies will get baby acne when they are born. This usually happens after 2 weeks of the baby being born. This is another reason why you would want to wait until 5 to 10 days to schedule the shoot. The baby acne won’t last long. In a few weeks, you will be able to schedule a shoot again.

How to Prepare Your Baby For a Photo Shoot


Bringing a baby in for his or her first Charlotte photo shoot can be an incredibly fun time. It can also be worrisome to many parents. You want these pictures to capture all of those special moments you see each day. You want the pictures to really provide you with a way to remember your child at this age for the rest of your life. You’ve heard horror stories of taking children in for photo shoots only to have the child cry the whole time. What can you do to ensure your baby’s photo shoot goes well? With a few simple steps, you may see some pretty great results.

Choose a photo shoot time that works well for your child’s schedule!

Don’t assume your child is going to be willing to change his or her plans for the day to meet your needs. If you know the baby naps every day at noon, don’t schedule a photo shoot for that time. Ensure that you allow the baby to get his naps as necessary prior to visiting. This can give your child the best opportunity to be in a good mood. Be sure the baby is fully rested and isn’t likely to be hungry for some time.

Keep outfit changing to a minimum

While you may have found 10 different outfits that you know your baby is going to look incredible in during the photo shoot, realize that each outfit change means another 30 minutes or so. Most babies will not tolerate a very long photo session even with a few breaks. Try to keep things a bit shorter to ensure your child is going to be able to handle the experience.

Bring in some new ways

Even very young babies are stimulated by colors, sounds, and something that is new. Pick up some inexpensive items that you think the child will be interested in looking at or holding during the photo shoot. This way, you can work on capturing some of those unique facial expressions that are so important for most parents.

Keep the number of people at the shoot low

During a young child’s photo shoot, you’ll want to keep things simple and calm. You don’t want to shock the child or otherwise create a frustrating experience. The more people present, the more likely it is the child will have too many people directing, talking, or overwhelming the child. In addition, no one knows your baby as well as you do.

Perhaps the best time to keep in mind for your baby’s photo shoot is to relax and keep things as natural as possible. Don’t direct the child or overwhelm him or her with too much stimulation. For babies, some of the best photo shoots are the simplest because they focus on your child’s incredible personal details and intimate moments. Don’t be opposed to being in a few of these photos as well. This can really make things more special for you now and long down the road.

What to Bring to a Newborn Shoot


A newborn photo shoot can be such an exciting experience. Since you brought your child home from the hospital, you’ve noticed every little smile, twinkle of the eye, and twitch of his or her finger. Now, you want to capture all of those special little moments on film. A newborn shoot is also one of the most worrisome of all photo shoots for parents. After all, you want to capture as much of your child’s uniqueness as possible since he or she is growing at such a fast pace. One of the best things to do is to relax. You’ll want to make this photo shoot memorable as well.

To make it that way, focus on being prepared for the big day. The following are some of the most important items to bring with you on the photo shoot. Remember, though, that you know your child. Ensure what you bring and do for your child is what he or she needs to be relaxed, happy, and safe.

Bring a few outfit changes: Don’t bring too many since most babies don’t like to be changed often and this may draw out the photo session beyond what the baby will tolerate. Keep things simple whenever possible. Nevertheless, have a few backups.

Bring the diaper bag: Babies at this age are unpredictable. You’ll need food, diapers, and all of the other goodies that he or she needs to remain happy. Avoid trying to change feeding times or nap times during this period as well. You want your child to be on his or her regular schedule as much as possible.

Bring a few brightly-colored items: Newborns don’t hold or play with toys yet, but these items can help to draw his or her attention and open their eyes wider. Choose items that make happy, light noises or interesting sounds, too.

Bring a favorite blanket: Wrapping your child in a blanket from grandma or in a special blanket from the hospital is the perfect way to ensure your child looks natural. You can do this with any type of special item. Skip the fancy outfit and create a natural look.

Consider things like:

  • A basket for your child to rest in, perhaps on fluffy towels
  • A favorite toy
  • A sentimental gift he or she received
  • Religious items that you want to commemorate
  • Fun themed items that you want to create

It is a good idea to talk to your photographer about planned photos and props. In some cases, you may not need to bring a lot with you. In other situations, you can have the freedom to create something that fits your unique needs. Most importantly, remember to keep things as simple as possible and to allow your child’s individual personality to come through during the newborn shoot. Make sure to bring a long a friend as well. Sometimes having another adult nearby can help you to feel more relaxed. When parents are relaxed, babies are more likely to be, too.