July 2015

How to Soothe a Fussy Baby at a Photo Shoot


If you want your baby to take excellent pictures, then you will need him or her to be calm and happy. For new parents, you may not yet know how to calm down a baby, but here are a few great suggestions on possible tricks to soothe and prepare your baby for an excellent photo shoot.


  1. Utilize Gentle Motions

A fussy baby may be upset about any number of things, but one trick that helps almost every baby is the use of gentle motion.  Not any given motion will help every baby, so it is necessary to try different ones to see what works best with yours.  Here are a few motions that commonly soothe babies:

  • Patting the baby gently on the back (this may even help them burp, and solve the possible cause of the crying)
  • Seat the baby on your knees, and then move them back and forth in a side-to-side motion.
  • Hold the baby in your arms and make a gentle swaying motion with the shoulders and hips
  • Walk slowly around the room, as the rocking motion can soothe the baby

Remember not to exhaust yourself with too much motion.


  1. Make Soft Noises

Many babies find new noises distracting enough to forget that they were uncomfortable or upset.  These can be anything from shushing noises that start just louder than the baby and decrease in volume, to humming a soothing tune or singing softly. Some people have even found that tuning the radio to static or turning on the running water of a faucet can soothe a baby. Of course, nature sounds, or even other noises such as a running vacuum in a different room can help as well.


  1. Swaddle Your Baby in a Soft Blanket

Most babies were warm, safe, and comfortable while they were in the womb, but now that they are exposed to all the stimulus of the outside world, they find it confusing and scary. In order to simulate the warm, enclosed feeling of the womb, you can swaddle your baby.  To do this, take a soft and warm blanket and wrap it around your baby so that it snugly covers them from neck to toe.  This will keep the baby warm while providing that encompassing feeling they found so comforting in the womb.


  1. Let the Baby Suck on Something

Everybody likes food, and babies are no exception.  Since they receive all of their food through a nipple or a bottle throughout their first months, they can come to associate good feelings with the sensation of sucking.  While you do not want to break the feeding routine, you can simulate it by offering a pacifier, a corner of a blanket, or even the pinky finger with the nail downward.


With these tips, you can soothe your baby enough to have them calm or asleep for the ideal portrait opportunity.  For more tips on getting your baby ready to make the perfect memories with photography, check out the other blog articles or featured pages on this website.


Keeping Your Patience during a Newborn Shoot

Although it is a very exciting thing to have a newborn baby, and especially to have a photographic portrait taken of him or her, some people may find it stressful if they do not know what will happen beforehand. In order to keep your patience during a newborn shoot, you need to make sure you have plenty of time, that you understand the procedure of the shoot, that you keep your baby calm, and that you yourself stay relaxed throughout.


  1. Make Sure You Have Plenty of Time before You Schedule

Many new parents who have not had a newborn photography shoot before underestimate the time it takes to get a good portrait.  When many parents only schedule one to two hours for the shoot, they find themselves getting frustrated when the photographer asks for more time.  Be sure to plan for the photo shoot to take at least three hours, maybe four.  Also, be sure to schedule this time to happen first thing in the morning, as this will provide optimal outside lighting and will avoid the crankiness that can come in the afternoon.


  1. Know What to Expect from the Photographer

Many parents become frustrated because they do not understand the long process of taking photographic portraits. The photographer will need to have everything just right, which means that you may have to go through a lot of positioning of the props, such as cloths or pillows, and of the baby.  They may want to add just the right accessory to add color, or want to have the baby lay on the chest of a parent.  Just remember that the photographer is an artist, and for your baby to have a perfect portrait, you will need to be patient while they work with their medium.


  1. Keep Your Baby Warm and Soothed

One big way to prevent stress and frustration is to keep your baby from being fussy.  The calmer they stay, the less you will have to worry about pacifying them so that the shot turns out well.  To do this, you need to keep them warm, fed, and soothed.  Make sure the room is warm enough to keep them happy even if the clothing is removed, and feed your baby just before you start the shoot. Try using white noise or soothing, gentle touches to keep your baby content.  Search this blog for more articles on this topic.


  1. Stay Relaxed So that Your Baby Will Be Relaxed

If you are stressed, your baby will be able to notice it, which will make him or her anxious and fussy. Do whatever you need to in order to calm down.  Listen to your favorite music via headphones, or do yoga; whatever helps you keep calm.


With these tips, you should be better prepared for keeping your cool throughout the duration of the photo shoot. Check out the rest of this website for more articles on how to make the photo portrait of your baby perfect.


How to Keep Your Baby Calm during a Newborn Shoot


In order for the photographer to find the perfect photographic portrait of your baby, you need to make sure your baby is and remains calm during the duration. Though it is impossible to prevent all problems that may arise, here are a few excellent tips on how to keep your baby soothed and calm during the duration of the shoot.


  1. Keep Yourself Calm and Happy

Even a newborn is more sensitive than you may think they would be.  If you are nervous or overly excited, then your baby will take notice of your increased heartrate, shaky hands, or sped up breathing, and he or she will get agitated and start to fuss. Do whatever you do to relax, such as deep breathing, to calm yourself so that the baby will also feel calm. If you can keep baby calm, you can enjoy the photo shoot.


  1. Help the Baby Keep Warm

For a newborn that was wrapped in a warm and comfortable cocoon for nine months, being cold can be a startling and unpleasant experience. Ask if your photographer can increase the heat in the studio so that the baby will be at a comfortable temperature even when posed with no clothing on.  If that is not possible, then try photographs while the baby is wrapped in a towel or blanket. Some photographers have even tried draping a cloth over the parent and then laying the baby on his or her chest so that the baby feels the body heat and heartbeats of the parent.


  1. Make Sure the Baby Is Full

Many babies cry or put up a fuss when they are hungry, so a prolonged photo shoot can be difficult for them. Make sure to feed the baby on arrival so that he or she does not have time to digest before the photography starts.  If you need to take time out of the shoot to feed a fussy baby midway through, then do not hesitate to do so, as it will likely calm the baby back down.


  1. Utilize Comforting White Noise

Just as heat helps simulate the warmth of the womb, so too can soft white noise simulate the sound of the organs of the mother, which had been a constant sound for the baby during its tenure in the womb. Try soft noises, like a running hair dryer, static from a radio, a vacuum in the next room over, or water running in the faucet.


  1. Gently Rock or Move the Baby

If none of the above work, you can also try utilizing soothing movements, such as gently rocking the baby, or patting its back in a gentle manner. You may try walking around the room with the baby against your chest, or moving your knees back and forth with the baby seated on top.


With these tips, you should have some good techniques to try when attempting to soothe your baby and keep him or her calm during the duration of the photo shoot.  Search the rest of this blog or the featured pages on the site to learn more about preparing your baby for the perfect photo opportunity.


Cute Backdrops for Newborns


There is a lot your photographer can do and say with just a photo. However, you also can have a say in what you want your picture to look like. Photographers offer many options to make the picture your own through the props and backgrounds they have. With so many options, it can be overwhelming deciding which backgrounds to use. Despite the fact that either way, your newborn will look precious, it is still probably a good idea to consider what background options you have. If you are in the process of brainstorming and considering backdrops for newborns, here are a few ideas of cute ones you may like.


  • Blankets


This type of backdrop is simple but can still be very cute and even classy. Using a blanket as the backdrop for the photo allows a variety for colors and textures in your photo. They can also be comfortable for the newborn and make if only slightly easier for your photographer. The blanket backdrop leaves it simply so you can customize with props like headbands, little suits or bows. This might be a surprisingly cute but simply idea.


  • Nursery Rhymes


Nursery rhymes will soon become an essential part of your parental tools, so why not incorporate into your newborn photos. With so many nursery rhymes available, you are also left with lots of options for backdrops following these stories. The story of the cow jumping over the moon allows for the use of a cute moon backdrop and maybe some props related to cows can be a nice detail to add. There is also nursery rhymes related to other animals that can make for more “aww” moments while being cute. Nursery rhyme backdrops can also be gender neutral making it possible to be used with boys, girls, or twins of the opposite gender. This is a great way to narrow down the top backdrops for newborns.



  • Nature


The nature backdrop option can allow two main ways to go about it. You can have it outdoors in real nature or have the artificial backdrop. Depending on your photographer, you can have the photoshoot outside and use the natural light of the sun to make some phenomenal photos. It can also be possible to make use of backdrops in a studio to create the same effect while being more comfortable for you. With the nature backdrop, you can even use some props like flowers or leaves to add effect or make it specific to one season.

  • Holidays

This last cute backdrop tip leaves you with a few more options as well. You can keep it simple but you can also get creative with what holiday you choose. Sometimes it does not even have to be that time of year to be able to use a certain holiday’s backdrop. Using this backdrop also lets you be prepared and even get ahead on the next holiday season. You can backdrops with Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s day, among others. You can make the photos as cheesy or precious as you want them to be.

These newborn photographs you will most likely display and then cherish forever. For that reason, it is important that you choose the backdrops and props careful. Work with your photographer so you can ensure to be satisfied by the final product. Considering these cute backdrops, blankets, nursery rhymes, nature or holidays can get you one-step closer to that goal. Make sure your newborn photographs bring you back to that special moment to tell the story of your love and family.

How to Find the Right Personality Type for Your Newborn Photographer


Do you want to take some beautiful pictures of your newborn baby son or daughter, but you do not have a good camera, and would not know how to take great photos with one if you did? Do you want more than just any old photo? If so, then you need a professional infant portrait photographer.  With so many choices available, how can you know which type of personality will work well?  Here are some traits to look for when searching for the best kind of photographer for taking baby portraits.


  1. The Best Baby Portrait Takers are Active Photographers

Firstly, there are two main kinds of photographers: passive and active.  A passive photographer works better with still subjects, such as landscapes, architecture, bowls of fruit, or other such things. While they can photograph people, their skills truly shine when they work with subjects over which they do not have much control.  For infant portraits, you will want an active photographer.


  1. Active Photographers are Extroverts

The first and most noticeable trait, of active photographers is that they are extroverts. This means that they are outgoing and love to be around other people.  Interaction with others energizes and inspires them, which brings out their best work.  Extroverts also tackle challenges by talking through the issue with others, which means that as they talk with you about what you want for the portraits, they will be working out how to perfectly accomplish it.  Likewise, they are usually very friendly and personable, which makes it easier for them to get along with during a long photo shoot.


  1. Active Photographers Love to Be a Large Influence in the End Product

Another big trait of active photographers is their love for control over the shoot.  They usually work in studios, where they are able to control the lighting, the background, the pose of the individual, and the angles of the shot.  They are at their peak performance when they work with people, and babies are no different.  In the end result, you will be able to see the distinct work of the photographer in the portrait they create for your baby son or daughter. On a related note, an active photographer will also have their own studio, which means they can regulate the temperature so that the baby does not get cold and fussy during the shoot.


  1. Active Photographers Thrive while Creating the Perfect Portrait

As opposed to passive photographers, who do their best work when they have little to do with the shot other than the settings on the camera and the way they position themselves, active photographers make their best work in the form of portraits of people, who they can direct, dress, and position how they see best works for the shot.

As you can see, you definitely want to have an active photographer for the portrait of your newborn baby.  Look around this site for more tips on what to look for and how to prepare your child for the perfect photograph.