October 2015

Tips for Having Your Twins Photographed

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Having your infant photographed can be an extremely trying process when you have just one child, but what if you were to have two? If you are making the venture to have your twins photographed, and they are in the baby range, then you are either up for a pleasant or a not-so-pleasant experience. If one twin gets upset then other always seems to follow suite. Though it is often that every infant is different, so your twins probably have different temperaments as well—the one that is going to be compliant and the one that is going to be difficult. However, with these tips below you will be able to turn a potential disaster into a great photo session and produce the photography that everyone will adore.

Infinite amount of patience

Patience with any type of photography is key, but this is even more so true with infant photography. Often time during a photo shoot, the parents and the staff are bending over backwards trying to make the tiny subjects happy. With twins, having one set person to try and keep one baby happy while another attends to the other will make the process smoother than having one person trying to handle both babies themselves. Try to remain calm and collected, so that you can adequately adapt to any accidents that may occur.

The closer the better

A common and favorite pose for newborn twins that parents, and the twins themselves, seem to love is to when they are snuggled close and wrapped up together. Any type of pose where they are in close quarters is a great way to allow them to get settled and then experiment with different poses accordingly. A common one is to stack the babies together, where one is usually on top of the other in some way. Using some type of wrap can help contain wayward body parts and keep them comfortable in the pose.

Props as an option

Like any newborn photography shoot, props can go a long way in creating the desired effect and photographs for your twins. Memorable phots can be easily made using a crate or basket to swaddle your twins in once they are settled and in a comfortable pose. When you use props, this is also the perfect time to intertwine their arms, feet, and hands if so desired. This type of pose will only up the adorableness of the photos. Props are an essential tool that may allow your twins to be more cooperative when trying to create and maintain a pose.

Having your twins photographed may be a difficult process, but they are sure to produce twice as good results since there is double the cuteness to work with. Taking advantage of the natural desire of twins to snuggle can go far in aiding you when deciding on a pose. The use of props and other equipment can also provide more ease to have a successful newborn photo shoot. If you wish to know more about having your twins photographed, visit the website for Couture Portraits today!

Choosing a Newborn Photographer: Top 3 Tips


Having a baby is a huge milestone and if you are not prepared, it can be a huge surprise and you may miss the opportunity to have newborn photographs taken. Take some time to plan before you have baby about the photographer you plan to use, when you want the pictures done, and the type of theme you want. Every mothers’ wishes are different and that is okay. If you are ready to choose a newborn photographer, consider the following three tips to help you pick the best one in the industry.

The Photos They Take

When it comes to a newborn photographer, experience is everything and it is important for you to choose someone who knows what they are doing. Although the photographer you may be considering has experience, can they produce the photos that you are after?

There is more to think about than just the photo itself and you need to make sure the person you work with can get a variety of angles, they know how to focus their camera, and the pictures are colored correctly. There is nothing more embarrassing than expecting a color photo to find out it is too yellowed or colored.

Also, you want to make sure the photographer is able to get the small details and make them look crisp. If your child’s face or body parts looks blurry, you will be able to tell on the printed photos and your family members may begin to shake their heads.

Their Flexibility

Another thing you want to take into consideration is the flexibility of your photographer. If you need newborn pictures to be taken within a certain timeframe, can they guarantee that they can take the photos? Also, your photographer should be flexible in the sense that sometimes babies cry and they do not want to take pictures or they need to be positioned differently. In addition, babies use the bathroom and require a number of feedings, so is your photographer able to handle this situation flawlessly.

Package and Pricing Details

Lastly, consider how much the photographer charges you per package deal and individually. See if the photographer guarantees a certain number of photos to be useable of likeable to your satisfaction. All of these factors play a large role in your decision and of course, you don’t want to go broke on your first set of photos.

If you are looking for a great photographer for your child’s newborn photos, Couture Portraits offers amazing pictures. The skills offered here are superior to others and you will be happy and excited once you see the final collection of shots. This is a monumental time in your life and you should document it.

What is a Good Age for Newborn Photography?


Pictures capture all the memorable moments in life and freeze them so you can cherish them forever. Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to capture your newborn’s birth right away? Any age is great for newborn photography. Most hospitals even offer a newborn photo session, while you are still in the hospital. Because of this fact, most people choose to wait to get a professional photographer for about a week after bringing their baby home.

The Ideal Age

If you are looking to find out the ideal age that most photographers suggest getting newborn pictures done, the answer is 5 to 12 days old. This time frame has given your baby’s skin time to even out to a nice flesh tone color ensuring that it is no longer blotchy. Another benefit to doing it between these days is your baby still sleeping a lot. Therefore, it is easier to capture all those sweet curled up position. These positions are great for props using baskets and bathtub poses. Most newborn pictures are done curled up in these items. Around 2 weeks, newborns start to opening up more when they sleep, making it more awkward to pose them in props.

Book In Advance

In order to ensure that you will be able to get your newborn photography done during this time, you need to book in advance. Many photographers’ who specialize in newborn photography are booked several months in advance. Therefore, you should book as far out as possible. Preferably in your second trimester. This is a moment that will not come back so make sure you book it so you can remember this precious time in your baby’s life. If you are worried about your baby not coming on its due date, do not. Many photographer will hold times for before and after due dates as well to make sure they are flexible enough to capture this special time.

Come Prepared

Accidents happen with children of all ages, even newborns. When getting your newborn’s pictures done come prepared. Some items to bring along with you during your newborn photography session are a pacifier and a change of clothes for you if you are going to be in pictures. Since most newborns are photographed naked, you never know when you might accidentally get peed on. Another thing to bring with you is anything that has significant meaning, such as a small toy or a special blanket. Also, bring any outfit changes you want your child photographed in.

The worst thing you can do is worry that something is going to go wrong. Photographers do this every single day. They know how important this is for you and they will make it prefect. If your baby starts to cry, don’t rush to his side. Trust that the photographer can handle it. Sometimes it can be harder to settle them if parents get involved. Relax and know that you are in good hands and so is your newborn. 

Narrowing Down the Selection of a Newborn Photographer


So, you have decided to take pictures of your newborn. You have done all the research and you decided it is the right time for your newborn portraits. The pride and joy you feel is one you want to cherish and keep forever. The search for the right photographer is not something that should be taken lightly and your process has already begun. By the end of it, you may have already found a handful of photographers, whether online or by recommendation, that you see as a possibility. The final process of deciding requires that you narrow down to the one for you. If you are still at that stage of narrowing down, here are a few things to consider, helping make that final decision.


  • Experience


When comparing and eventually narrowing down newborn photographers, an important aspect to consider is the experience each photographer has. Not only experience in general photography, but also specifically with newborns. Working with newborns requires that photographer be able to handle and care for your baby while taking quality photos. For that reason, it is imperative that you check how much experience they have working in this particular field. Newborn photography is a whole other game; make sure you pick a photographer that is prepared and perhaps even passionate about it.


  • Style


This is another factor to consider in the decision. Photographers can offer a variety of styles for your photos. At the same time, you as the parent can look at the different styles each one offers and from there choose. There are lifestyle portraits, that can take place in your own home or the studio portraits. When considering the style you can also consider if you like the backgrounds or props they have to offer. You must ask yourself if you like the way they pose or even process their picture. Your style matching theirs can affect whom you chose in the end.


  • Consistency


A photographer’s galleries or portfolios can say a lot about the photographer themselves. Not only does it show their style but also the consistency of their photos. You can ask yourself if they have just a few good photos or is the quality of their photography present throughout. It can also be helpful to check out their blog and see if there is consistency with what they offer and what the final products/photos are.


  • Communication


This final guideline or tip, whichever you consider, is very important. Communication with the newborn photographer is not just important during the shoot but also before even beginning. You should consider how quickly they responded to your initial contact and then how well they continued that communication. It is also recommended that you meet with them to see how well you like the photographer himself or herself. How well you get along and communicate with them can tell you a lot how about how open they can be to your ideas or suggestions. Communication can be vital in such a sensitive and important matter.

This style of photography is one that has that once in a lifetime opportunity feel to it. These portraits are one that you will cherish for the rest of yours and your child’s life. The weight this final decision will care affects the emotions and feelings you will get each time you look at those photos. Following these guidelines and tips of looking at the experience, style, consistency, and communication of the photographers you are considering, can make a major difference in your final lasting result.