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What is a Good Age for Newborn Photography?


Pictures capture all the memorable moments in life and freeze them so you can cherish them forever. Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to capture your newborn’s birth right away? Any age is great for newborn photography. Most hospitals even offer a newborn photo session, while you are still in the hospital. Because of this fact, most people choose to wait to get a professional photographer for about a week after bringing their baby home.

The Ideal Age

If you are looking to find out the ideal age that most photographers suggest getting newborn pictures done, the answer is 5 to 12 days old. This time frame has given your baby’s skin time to even out to a nice flesh tone color ensuring that it is no longer blotchy. Another benefit to doing it between these days is your baby still sleeping a lot. Therefore, it is easier to capture all those sweet curled up position. These positions are great for props using baskets and bathtub poses. Most newborn pictures are done curled up in these items. Around 2 weeks, newborns start to opening up more when they sleep, making it more awkward to pose them in props.

Book In Advance

In order to ensure that you will be able to get your newborn photography done during this time, you need to book in advance. Many photographers’ who specialize in newborn photography are booked several months in advance. Therefore, you should book as far out as possible. Preferably in your second trimester. This is a moment that will not come back so make sure you book it so you can remember this precious time in your baby’s life. If you are worried about your baby not coming on its due date, do not. Many photographer will hold times for before and after due dates as well to make sure they are flexible enough to capture this special time.

Come Prepared

Accidents happen with children of all ages, even newborns. When getting your newborn’s pictures done come prepared. Some items to bring along with you during your newborn photography session are a pacifier and a change of clothes for you if you are going to be in pictures. Since most newborns are photographed naked, you never know when you might accidentally get peed on. Another thing to bring with you is anything that has significant meaning, such as a small toy or a special blanket. Also, bring any outfit changes you want your child photographed in.

The worst thing you can do is worry that something is going to go wrong. Photographers do this every single day. They know how important this is for you and they will make it prefect. If your baby starts to cry, don’t rush to his side. Trust that the photographer can handle it. Sometimes it can be harder to settle them if parents get involved. Relax and know that you are in good hands and so is your newborn. 

Narrowing Down the Selection of a Newborn Photographer


So, you have decided to take pictures of your newborn. You have done all the research and you decided it is the right time for your newborn portraits. The pride and joy you feel is one you want to cherish and keep forever. The search for the right photographer is not something that should be taken lightly and your process has already begun. By the end of it, you may have already found a handful of photographers, whether online or by recommendation, that you see as a possibility. The final process of deciding requires that you narrow down to the one for you. If you are still at that stage of narrowing down, here are a few things to consider, helping make that final decision.


  • Experience


When comparing and eventually narrowing down newborn photographers, an important aspect to consider is the experience each photographer has. Not only experience in general photography, but also specifically with newborns. Working with newborns requires that photographer be able to handle and care for your baby while taking quality photos. For that reason, it is imperative that you check how much experience they have working in this particular field. Newborn photography is a whole other game; make sure you pick a photographer that is prepared and perhaps even passionate about it.


  • Style


This is another factor to consider in the decision. Photographers can offer a variety of styles for your photos. At the same time, you as the parent can look at the different styles each one offers and from there choose. There are lifestyle portraits, that can take place in your own home or the studio portraits. When considering the style you can also consider if you like the backgrounds or props they have to offer. You must ask yourself if you like the way they pose or even process their picture. Your style matching theirs can affect whom you chose in the end.


  • Consistency


A photographer’s galleries or portfolios can say a lot about the photographer themselves. Not only does it show their style but also the consistency of their photos. You can ask yourself if they have just a few good photos or is the quality of their photography present throughout. It can also be helpful to check out their blog and see if there is consistency with what they offer and what the final products/photos are.


  • Communication


This final guideline or tip, whichever you consider, is very important. Communication with the newborn photographer is not just important during the shoot but also before even beginning. You should consider how quickly they responded to your initial contact and then how well they continued that communication. It is also recommended that you meet with them to see how well you like the photographer himself or herself. How well you get along and communicate with them can tell you a lot how about how open they can be to your ideas or suggestions. Communication can be vital in such a sensitive and important matter.

This style of photography is one that has that once in a lifetime opportunity feel to it. These portraits are one that you will cherish for the rest of yours and your child’s life. The weight this final decision will care affects the emotions and feelings you will get each time you look at those photos. Following these guidelines and tips of looking at the experience, style, consistency, and communication of the photographers you are considering, can make a major difference in your final lasting result.


Precious Newborn Photo Gift Ideas to Share with Family


Your photos came out beautifully and you are more than satisfied with the final result. You might have shed a tear or two. You are left with many pictures of your precious newborn but are unsure as to what to do with all of them. The pictures you plan to display in your house are already chosen but do not want to leave the other photos in the dark. You decide to share this precious moment with those that matter most and will probably appreciate the pictures as much as you have your family. For whatever occasion or simply no occasion at all, here are a few photo gifts you can share with your family.


  • Photo Collages


There are a few ways you can use your photos to make a collage. This photo gift idea lets you use many different photos and display them all at once. You can make a digital collage and combine various photos. You also have the option of making the collage with photo prints and add a little touch of your own to it. Collages can also let you combine other photos of the rest of other family members, parents or siblings.


  • Engraved Photo Block


An engrave photo block is smaller and a bit simpler way to display your newborn photos. They usually tend to use only one picture, but it is unique gift to present to family. The material you can use for it can be glass, stone, or something similar. You can also personalize it by engraving it your newborn’s name and date of birth. It can be a classy but still very heartfelt gift for your loved ones.


  • Coffee Mugs


The classic gift of coffee mugs is another gift idea for your family. Not everyone drinks coffee but the mugs can have other uses and make a wonderful gift for grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The mugs also provide options for you to choose from, use one photo or multiple photos, and make a sort of collage on there. The mugs also mean they might be able to last longer. You are also able to personalize the mugs and add names, the birth date, or messages for the person the gift is for. The options as far as the mugs are actually wide.


  • Personalized Frames


This last gift is also more along the traditional gift lines but can also be unique depending on the way you make it your own. The frames usually allow for one photo but you can use different photos of your precious newborn for each family member. With the frames, you can choose the color or messages to add on there. Personalizing the frames adds in a more intimate feel to the gift.

With such precious moments, there are many options available for gifts. Your family will want to share this life event and celebrate with you the happiness you are experiencing. Photo gift ideas like photo collages, engraved photo blocks, coffee mugs, and personalized frames are just a few ideas that you can use. They can be good for any occasion to show your pride and joy. Prepare these gifts for the next gift-giving occasion, and give your family a precious newborn photo memory.


How to Store Your Newborn Photos for Posterity


The more challenging part of taking newborn photos is over. You and your photographer survived the photo shoot with minimal damage and hopefully only a few tears. One of the reasons you took the photos in the first place was to, in a way, freeze time and remember forever the time when your child was still a newborn. You know and accept that time will pass and your child will get older. However, that does not mean that your photos should be worn out and get torn as a result of time. If you ended with more photos than you can count or it is time for your photos to change in your home, there are a few tips to follow to store your newborn photos for posterity.


  • Digital Storage


Photographers, as well as giving you your photo prints, have also begun giving digital copies of your photos. This helps by giving you a backup place of storage or limiting the number of photo prints you have. You can store the photos on your computer with programs designed to store and organize photos. There is also the option of keeping the photos on an external disk or flash drive to protect them in case your computer is damaged. Having the photos stored there can also allow you to print the photos out later on your own if you so choose to.


  • Online Storage


Online storage is another good way to back up your files. This method of storage has become more and more popular for not only businesses but also for the average citizen. There are websites like Flickr that allow you to upload the photos to the site. They not only protect them even more, but also let you access hem anywhere with internet. You can also use the popular cloud option through services like Dropbox or Google drive.



  • Physical Storage


This is the more traditional manner of storage for your photos. Using this type of storage also provides for a various type of options to store them physical. You can organize the digital prints of your newborn in a photo album. In that way, they are stored, on display, and protected by a sleeve. Some photos might be larger so, there is also the possibility of using a photo box to store those photos. You can also organize your photos in these boxes by adding dividers.

  • Storage Conditions

An important aspect of storing your print photos and making them last is the conditions in which you store them. This can make a major difference in how long they can last. The rooms where the photographs are stored should be climate controlled, keeping it at a moderate or cool temperature. Try to keep the photos in area of your house that is the driest and coolest, avoiding those damp conditions. These conditions could make all the difference.

The memories you create in your lifetime can best be remembered and saved through photographs. Life events like the birth of a newborn or a wedding are ones that cannot be relieved so the photos that come with them carry a significant value. You can take advantage of technology to store your newborn photos through online and digital storage to make them last. It can also be possible to follow correct storage conditions and store the photos physical. Whichever way you choose to store those newborn pictures for posterity, it will be worth it to look back and remember the emotions you felt through those portraits.

Should We Invite Family To a Newborn Shoot?


When taking a newborn to their newborn shoot it’s important to have as little distractions as possible. All newborns in the newborn shoot are preferably going to be 5 to 12 days old. This is important so the perfect sleepy pose can be captured on film. Since your newborn is brand new to the world the shoot should be as comforting as possible. The importance of a newborn shoot is to have patience, while the sleeping photos will look effortless on camera there is a lot of work to get your precious angel into that perfect relaxed setting.


Should Family be a part of this?

Family in the photo shoot might be overwhelming to any newborn who is already trying to get a grip on their new surroundings. Family can be brought but under a strict warning that they must be quiet and cautious of the photographer’s directions and decisions. While your mother in law might want the baby posed in a certain way the photographer knows what is going to be more comfortable for every baby. If you are looking for a more intimate session with you and your baby you are encouraged to come with only a few people so your baby is as comfortable as possible. In addition, while the photographer is working with you bundle of joy there is time for you to get some well-deserved relaxation while your baby is being doted upon.


The Sleepy & Milk Happy Package

Couture Portraits offers a great newborn session called The Sleepy & Milk Happy Package that gives newborns from 5-15 days old the perfect sleepy pose. The photography session is going to last for 4 – 6 hours to give your newborn the attention they deserve. The time allows for feedings and clean ups for when things get messy, and lulling your baby back to sleep. The boutique studio is going to be a calming environment for lulling your baby into a peaceful slumber.


The Focus

All newborns are going to be confused in there new surroundings which is why it is our top priority that your newborn feels safe and comfortable in our studio. By keeping out lighting dim your sleepy baby will drift off in no time. Leaving the photographer with the simple task of taking their photo. The focus will have the same theme at that age, since babies can’t move much after their both the curled up and sleeping pose is the best way to show off your precious gift.


After the photos have been taken, you can choose to scrapbook, frame, or even print a newborn announcement. Graphic designers are able to assist you in creating a beautiful custom announcement featuring your favorite professional photo. The newborn session is going to capture your baby’s precious moments during a peaceful slumber that you can treasure for the rest of your life. By keeping the photo shoot calming and peaceful your baby is going to have a wonderful time and you’ll have a perfect memory to treasure.


Top Color Themes for a Newborn Shoot


Your newborn photo shoot is going to be in a small comfortable boutique where your baby is comfortable and relaxed. Your newborn is going to be in great hands which mensal you have to worry about is what color theme you want for your sweet angel. While you might want to see what the photographer has in store there are a few color theme that are popular for everyone. By looking through the following top color themes, you can have an idea about what color background you want for your newborn baby.


Simple White

A simple white blanket is the basic choice and starting option for all newborn baby photo shoots. Newborn photography is going to be all about the baby, which is why many parents want the baby to be the only color in the shot. Your sleep and tired baby is going to be the center of attention when surrounded by a plain white color thing. The simplicity will have everyone’s eyes drawn to your bundle of joy as they are drifting into slumber.


Baby Blue

A blue color theme is an easy selection for newborn photography. You might be using these professional photos for a newborn announcement with a simple “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” theme. You might have chosen to keep the baby’s sex a surprise until the birth and a blue color scheme is a great way to announce you were gifted with a baby boy. The blue background can also work with the baby’s eye color.


Baby Pink

A pink color background theme is a simple selection for your newborn as they take on their first photo shoot. The pink theme as a great and simple way to say “it’s a girl” in your newborn announcement. The color pink is also a great light tone that is just as subtle as white but gives your baby’s picture more color. A pick color theme background can also work if your baby is using a colored prop that works well with pick.


Who Needs Color

If the idea of color isn’t what you want for your newborn photography session there is another option. The no color selection is going to give your baby a black and white appearance that allows your baby to be the only focus of the photograph. The lack of color is going to give your baby a beautifully clear image that highlights every fold and crease in its curled and content sleeping pose.


Any newborn photo shoot is going to have the sleeping and content pose of your young bundle of joy drifting off. The theme and the color choice is yours alone as your baby just needs to be comfortable. Even without one of these colors, you can still give your ideas to the photographer ahead of time. Your baby is going to look as perfect and at peace no matter which color is behind them. The important part is that you are happy with the color selections you have made.


What Props Look Good in Newborn Shoots?


Newborns shoots are going to have a simple sleepy photo pose since their young bodies aren’t ready to sit up. Their innocent faces are going to be the main focus in any picture however there are still props that can be added to give your newborn some extra cuteness. While at the shoot you are going to be able to select a prop that photographers know will work with your newborn’s sleepy look and be comfortable to them as well. If you are thinking about props here are some props that look good in a newborn’s photo shoot.


Large Hats

Large soft hats are going to be a perfect prop for your newborn baby shoot because they will feel comfortable and relaxed in them. You may have a comfy hat that your newborn is already used to wearing or you can choose a colorful hat from the props. The hat is going to be a bright vibrant design that stands alone against the background. By using a hat your baby will be relaxed and warm as they drift off to sleep.



Cocoons and hammocks are a great prop if your baby is comfortable with the change in height. A cocoon is going to give your baby complete comfort and warmth that’ll work to lull your angel to sleep without even trying. A hammock is a great prop is you aren’t looking for a regular curled up sleeping photo. The hammock is going to work if your baby is able to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.



Blankets are going to be used as a comfortable prop and added softness for your baby. Your baby might already have a special blanket you want in the photo or a family quilt the baby can lie and sleep on. Whatever your idea for your newborn’s first professional photos there is a way to incorporate your ideas to get the shot you desire. The comforts of a blanket is going to give you baby some familiarity in a strange place. By using a baby blanket as a prop your baby will be lulling off in no time.


Large props

All newborn photo shoots are going to have the sleeping baby image. The use of large props is going to not be recommended as your baby isn’t going to react to it. Instead soft props for wearing or cuddling are used to give your baby something to sleep on or with. The use of large props wouldn’t be until 6 months during a Sitting & Drooling session where your baby is wide-eyed and grinning.


Your newborn is going to have the time of their life as they are doted upon and comforted into nap after nap. While your baby is resting props can be added but for some all they want is a simple background and a happily passed out baby to cherish forever. Whether you are looking to add props or just to keep it simple your baby is still going to be happy with their day no matter what.


How to Protect Your Newborn Photos in a Scrapbook


After you’ve finished with your newborn photo shoot, many parents choose to add the professional photos into a baby’s scrapbook for sentimental purposes. The ease of a scrapbook is going to be more involved than simply having copies of your phone or on your wall. A scrapbook can hold a timeline of your baby’s more important moments whether or not they are professionally taken. The importance of a baby scrapbook is to hold and protect your photos. If you think that your scrapbook is going to be at risk of ripping or other accidental damages here are a few ways to protect your newborns photos.


Plastic covers

If you are a scrapbooking then you might select a scrapbook that has large empty sheets of paper instead of plastic sleeve in which to protect your photos. However, even if you choose to decorate your own scrapbook pages with decorations and designs your photos can still be protected by laminating or purchasing plastic protectors for your own use. The plastic protectors are going to keep your photos from being damaged. If you want full protection many scrapbook stores will sell plastic sheets to go over the entire page so none of your decorations or mementos will be damaged.


Keeping the scrapbook secure

While your scrapbooking process isn’t going to be finished until your baby’s first year has passed you should keep the in progress scrapbook in a secure area until you can complete it. A baby’s scrapbook will be updated during every momentous event in their live and you want the scrapbook holding all of their memories to last forever. By keeping your unfinished scrapbook put away, you limit the risks of damages to your prized photos.


Digital copies

The benefits of digital copies of your newborn photos can give you the security of having a backup of the images you treasure. Newborn photographs are always something to be shared with friend and family, digital copies are going to be sent around as well as newborn announcements as a way to spread joy and pride of brining a newborn into the world. The importance of digital copies is the security that is given to parents whose lives are now becoming more and more hectic. Loosing track of things is going to happen more often with a baby in the home especially if it’s an addition to an already large family. By keeping a digital copy on hand you’ll have a backup of all of the printed copies that somehow got lost in between friends and family. The importance of peace of mind is what matters most.


Protecting your priceless photos is a concern many families have. The memories taken during their newborn photography session are ones that should be kept forever. However many family members and friends will also want to see pictures of your bundle of joy. The protection of printed photos is easier when you have backups and digital copies. The protection of printed photos can also be protected by plastic covering. The important part is that you have peace of mind when you are handing out your newborns pictures.


How to Soothe a Fussy Baby at a Photo Shoot


If you want your baby to take excellent pictures, then you will need him or her to be calm and happy. For new parents, you may not yet know how to calm down a baby, but here are a few great suggestions on possible tricks to soothe and prepare your baby for an excellent photo shoot.


  1. Utilize Gentle Motions

A fussy baby may be upset about any number of things, but one trick that helps almost every baby is the use of gentle motion.  Not any given motion will help every baby, so it is necessary to try different ones to see what works best with yours.  Here are a few motions that commonly soothe babies:

  • Patting the baby gently on the back (this may even help them burp, and solve the possible cause of the crying)
  • Seat the baby on your knees, and then move them back and forth in a side-to-side motion.
  • Hold the baby in your arms and make a gentle swaying motion with the shoulders and hips
  • Walk slowly around the room, as the rocking motion can soothe the baby

Remember not to exhaust yourself with too much motion.


  1. Make Soft Noises

Many babies find new noises distracting enough to forget that they were uncomfortable or upset.  These can be anything from shushing noises that start just louder than the baby and decrease in volume, to humming a soothing tune or singing softly. Some people have even found that tuning the radio to static or turning on the running water of a faucet can soothe a baby. Of course, nature sounds, or even other noises such as a running vacuum in a different room can help as well.


  1. Swaddle Your Baby in a Soft Blanket

Most babies were warm, safe, and comfortable while they were in the womb, but now that they are exposed to all the stimulus of the outside world, they find it confusing and scary. In order to simulate the warm, enclosed feeling of the womb, you can swaddle your baby.  To do this, take a soft and warm blanket and wrap it around your baby so that it snugly covers them from neck to toe.  This will keep the baby warm while providing that encompassing feeling they found so comforting in the womb.


  1. Let the Baby Suck on Something

Everybody likes food, and babies are no exception.  Since they receive all of their food through a nipple or a bottle throughout their first months, they can come to associate good feelings with the sensation of sucking.  While you do not want to break the feeding routine, you can simulate it by offering a pacifier, a corner of a blanket, or even the pinky finger with the nail downward.


With these tips, you can soothe your baby enough to have them calm or asleep for the ideal portrait opportunity.  For more tips on getting your baby ready to make the perfect memories with photography, check out the other blog articles or featured pages on this website.


Keeping Your Patience during a Newborn Shoot

Although it is a very exciting thing to have a newborn baby, and especially to have a photographic portrait taken of him or her, some people may find it stressful if they do not know what will happen beforehand. In order to keep your patience during a newborn shoot, you need to make sure you have plenty of time, that you understand the procedure of the shoot, that you keep your baby calm, and that you yourself stay relaxed throughout.


  1. Make Sure You Have Plenty of Time before You Schedule

Many new parents who have not had a newborn photography shoot before underestimate the time it takes to get a good portrait.  When many parents only schedule one to two hours for the shoot, they find themselves getting frustrated when the photographer asks for more time.  Be sure to plan for the photo shoot to take at least three hours, maybe four.  Also, be sure to schedule this time to happen first thing in the morning, as this will provide optimal outside lighting and will avoid the crankiness that can come in the afternoon.


  1. Know What to Expect from the Photographer

Many parents become frustrated because they do not understand the long process of taking photographic portraits. The photographer will need to have everything just right, which means that you may have to go through a lot of positioning of the props, such as cloths or pillows, and of the baby.  They may want to add just the right accessory to add color, or want to have the baby lay on the chest of a parent.  Just remember that the photographer is an artist, and for your baby to have a perfect portrait, you will need to be patient while they work with their medium.


  1. Keep Your Baby Warm and Soothed

One big way to prevent stress and frustration is to keep your baby from being fussy.  The calmer they stay, the less you will have to worry about pacifying them so that the shot turns out well.  To do this, you need to keep them warm, fed, and soothed.  Make sure the room is warm enough to keep them happy even if the clothing is removed, and feed your baby just before you start the shoot. Try using white noise or soothing, gentle touches to keep your baby content.  Search this blog for more articles on this topic.


  1. Stay Relaxed So that Your Baby Will Be Relaxed

If you are stressed, your baby will be able to notice it, which will make him or her anxious and fussy. Do whatever you need to in order to calm down.  Listen to your favorite music via headphones, or do yoga; whatever helps you keep calm.


With these tips, you should be better prepared for keeping your cool throughout the duration of the photo shoot. Check out the rest of this website for more articles on how to make the photo portrait of your baby perfect.