Things to Bring to a Baby Shoot


Baby’s photo shoot is one of the most important moments of your life and you will cherish these pictures for a lifetime. It is important to know what to bring with you when you are heading to have pictures taken. Often times, people will forget to bring certain items or they will bring too many different things and cause confusion for themselves.

One of the first things you want to make sure to bring with you is baby. Of course, right? You should also bring everyone that you want to be in the photo. For example, you may want mom, dad, and siblings present for the shoot. If not, simply bring whoever it is that you want to appear in baby’s first photos.

Next, you will need to bring a couple of dress choices for baby. For instance, if you have a crochet outfit, a newborn outfit, and then one or two other outfits you love, bring them so that baby can be changed into them when the time comes. You do not necessarily want tons of the same picture so having a variety of outfits will allow you to take multiple photo types.

Next, you should bring along any props that you want to use in the photos. Some people choose to use letter blocks spelling out their child’s name or even a big teddy bear. You can choose any props you want and often, your photographer will have many different choices for you to look through as well. Just remember, if you have a special prop you will need to bring it yourself as your photographer may not carry it.

Lastly, you should bring some items to care for baby with you. Many new parents do not know how long a photoshoot will take and they underestimate whether or not they need to bring diapers or bottles with them. It is always safe to do so since baby may get fussy a couple of times throughout the shoot.

Being prepared for your baby’s newborn shoot will help the process go smoothly. If you have never had a photoshoot done before, you should speak to your photographer and find out what their preferences are as far as location, time, and poses of your baby. Your photographer needs to be comfortable working with newborns to ensure that you get the best photos possible.

What to Wear to Participate in a Newborn Shoot


If this is your first newborn photoshoot, congratulations. It is a special time in your life and there is nothing more precious than capturing you and baby on camera. Not only will you oohhh and aaahhh at the photos, you will be able to see the special connection that you and your baby share together.

Now that your photo shoot is coming up quick, you are probably scrambling for ideas of what to wear. Since you have never taken a shoot before with baby, you may be confused on what is considered acceptable and what works well with the themes. To help you overcome your worry about what to wear, we have gone over some of the basics below to help you.

Choose a Soft Color for Mom and Dad

Since you want your baby to be the focus of the photos, you do not want to wear colors that are too bright and flashy. It is recommended that parents wear colors that are light such as pastels. You want the colors to complement baby and not draw away from your child. Since your newborn will likely be naked in the photos, you do not have to worry about matching your shirt to the baby’s outfit, but mom and dad should match closely.

Skin on Skin Photos

If you are comfortable with it, skin on skin photos are a traditional classic and they exude love. Many fathers will go shirtless and hold their naked newborns on their chest or shoulder. Moms, don’t be shy! You can take some breathtaking photos of you caring for baby, breastfeeding, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Don’t Match Identically

While above we mentioned you should match the colors and styles, it is important not to match fully. While it may be cute for mom, dad, and baby to all wear the exact same outfits, it is also cheesy and not preferred. Remember, the focus is on baby and you do not want to draw away from that with matching outfits.

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

You never need to be afraid to add some accessories to your photos. Of course, you want to avoid using items that will draw too much attention to you, but you can add some attraction to the entire photo with a stylish broach or bracelet.

Need Help Choosing an Outfit?

If you need help choosing an outfit, you are not alone. Many families are unsure of what to wear and what colors to match. At Couture Portraits, you can find the help you need and we can provide you with information about what we think looks great together.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a picture with baby just because you are afraid of what clothes to wear.

Tips for Choosing Outfits for Your Baby’s Holiday Photos


So the Holidays are right around the corner and you are beginning to accomplish things on your holiday to-do list? But, after purchasing all those holiday gifts, what is the second step on your to-do list? Why, of course, it is to get your baby’s holiday photos taken. Holiday photos are a rite of passage every child has to go through for numerous years, especially when they are still in the baby age bracket. Holiday photos are the best way to look fondly of your child’s younger years, and they are a hit with all the relatives.

Despite all the holiday cheer that surrounds your baby’s holiday photos, the event can quickly escalate into an annoyance if not handled correctly. One of the biggest contributors to the stress levels of a newborn photography session is the decision of the parents to what the outfit will be for their child’s holiday photos. Below are some tips for choosing your baby’s outfit, so that you are properly prepared and the holiday photo process will run quickly and smoothly.

Consider the baby’s age

Depending on your baby’s age, whether it is a couple days old or closer to a year old, there may be clothing options that will be easier to clothe your child in. Even though it doesn’t seem like weeks or months makes that much of a difference, for children in their infancy it can be a major contributing factor to how cooperative they will be. If your baby is a brand-new infant, your outfit may not last more than a few hours without stains from spit-up or other such bodily functions. This could be solved by buying a clean bib to wear over your baby’s outfit. You can get a bib that is festive so that you won’t feel as if you are distracting form the outfit itself.

Simplicity is key

With infants, especially those that are in the newborn range, simple is good. Clothes can be more of a hassle at this age and are easily damaged by spit-up. You baby will look just as adorable with little to no clothing. A simple diaper or blanket would be just as sufficient for a holiday photo as any outfit.

Have a back up

If you are keen on the idea of an outfit for your baby’s holiday photo you should try to ensure that you have a back-up outfit, or two, or three. Infants are very prone to spit-up and other bodily leaks, so it is better to be prepared. You do not want your holiday photos to be ruined, or have to postpone them, because you didn’t plan ahead and bring a spare outfit in your diaper bag.

Holiday photos, especially ones of your baby, can prove to be a very exciting event. They make the perfect holiday present and your family members will be delighted to see them. Through adequate planning and preparation you can make the photo process as quick and painless as possible for your infant. For more information on holiday photos and your newborn photography session, visit the website for Couture Portraits today!

Tips for Having Your Twins Photographed

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Having your infant photographed can be an extremely trying process when you have just one child, but what if you were to have two? If you are making the venture to have your twins photographed, and they are in the baby range, then you are either up for a pleasant or a not-so-pleasant experience. If one twin gets upset then other always seems to follow suite. Though it is often that every infant is different, so your twins probably have different temperaments as well—the one that is going to be compliant and the one that is going to be difficult. However, with these tips below you will be able to turn a potential disaster into a great photo session and produce the photography that everyone will adore.

Infinite amount of patience

Patience with any type of photography is key, but this is even more so true with infant photography. Often time during a photo shoot, the parents and the staff are bending over backwards trying to make the tiny subjects happy. With twins, having one set person to try and keep one baby happy while another attends to the other will make the process smoother than having one person trying to handle both babies themselves. Try to remain calm and collected, so that you can adequately adapt to any accidents that may occur.

The closer the better

A common and favorite pose for newborn twins that parents, and the twins themselves, seem to love is to when they are snuggled close and wrapped up together. Any type of pose where they are in close quarters is a great way to allow them to get settled and then experiment with different poses accordingly. A common one is to stack the babies together, where one is usually on top of the other in some way. Using some type of wrap can help contain wayward body parts and keep them comfortable in the pose.

Props as an option

Like any newborn photography shoot, props can go a long way in creating the desired effect and photographs for your twins. Memorable phots can be easily made using a crate or basket to swaddle your twins in once they are settled and in a comfortable pose. When you use props, this is also the perfect time to intertwine their arms, feet, and hands if so desired. This type of pose will only up the adorableness of the photos. Props are an essential tool that may allow your twins to be more cooperative when trying to create and maintain a pose.

Having your twins photographed may be a difficult process, but they are sure to produce twice as good results since there is double the cuteness to work with. Taking advantage of the natural desire of twins to snuggle can go far in aiding you when deciding on a pose. The use of props and other equipment can also provide more ease to have a successful newborn photo shoot. If you wish to know more about having your twins photographed, visit the website for Couture Portraits today!

Choosing a Newborn Photographer: Top 3 Tips


Having a baby is a huge milestone and if you are not prepared, it can be a huge surprise and you may miss the opportunity to have newborn photographs taken. Take some time to plan before you have baby about the photographer you plan to use, when you want the pictures done, and the type of theme you want. Every mothers’ wishes are different and that is okay. If you are ready to choose a newborn photographer, consider the following three tips to help you pick the best one in the industry.

The Photos They Take

When it comes to a newborn photographer, experience is everything and it is important for you to choose someone who knows what they are doing. Although the photographer you may be considering has experience, can they produce the photos that you are after?

There is more to think about than just the photo itself and you need to make sure the person you work with can get a variety of angles, they know how to focus their camera, and the pictures are colored correctly. There is nothing more embarrassing than expecting a color photo to find out it is too yellowed or colored.

Also, you want to make sure the photographer is able to get the small details and make them look crisp. If your child’s face or body parts looks blurry, you will be able to tell on the printed photos and your family members may begin to shake their heads.

Their Flexibility

Another thing you want to take into consideration is the flexibility of your photographer. If you need newborn pictures to be taken within a certain timeframe, can they guarantee that they can take the photos? Also, your photographer should be flexible in the sense that sometimes babies cry and they do not want to take pictures or they need to be positioned differently. In addition, babies use the bathroom and require a number of feedings, so is your photographer able to handle this situation flawlessly.

Package and Pricing Details

Lastly, consider how much the photographer charges you per package deal and individually. See if the photographer guarantees a certain number of photos to be useable of likeable to your satisfaction. All of these factors play a large role in your decision and of course, you don’t want to go broke on your first set of photos.

If you are looking for a great photographer for your child’s newborn photos, Couture Portraits offers amazing pictures. The skills offered here are superior to others and you will be happy and excited once you see the final collection of shots. This is a monumental time in your life and you should document it.