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Should We Invite Family To a Newborn Shoot?


When taking a newborn to their newborn shoot it’s important to have as little distractions as possible. All newborns in the newborn shoot are preferably going to be 5 to 12 days old. This is important so the perfect sleepy pose can be captured on film. Since your newborn is brand new to the world the shoot should be as comforting as possible. The importance of a newborn shoot is to have patience, while the sleeping photos will look effortless on camera there is a lot of work to get your precious angel into that perfect relaxed setting.


Should Family be a part of this?

Family in the photo shoot might be overwhelming to any newborn who is already trying to get a grip on their new surroundings. Family can be brought but under a strict warning that they must be quiet and cautious of the photographer’s directions and decisions. While your mother in law might want the baby posed in a certain way the photographer knows what is going to be more comfortable for every baby. If you are looking for a more intimate session with you and your baby you are encouraged to come with only a few people so your baby is as comfortable as possible. In addition, while the photographer is working with you bundle of joy there is time for you to get some well-deserved relaxation while your baby is being doted upon.


The Sleepy & Milk Happy Package

Couture Portraits offers a great newborn session called The Sleepy & Milk Happy Package that gives newborns from 5-15 days old the perfect sleepy pose. The photography session is going to last for 4 – 6 hours to give your newborn the attention they deserve. The time allows for feedings and clean ups for when things get messy, and lulling your baby back to sleep. The boutique studio is going to be a calming environment for lulling your baby into a peaceful slumber.


The Focus

All newborns are going to be confused in there new surroundings which is why it is our top priority that your newborn feels safe and comfortable in our studio. By keeping out lighting dim your sleepy baby will drift off in no time. Leaving the photographer with the simple task of taking their photo. The focus will have the same theme at that age, since babies can’t move much after their both the curled up and sleeping pose is the best way to show off your precious gift.


After the photos have been taken, you can choose to scrapbook, frame, or even print a newborn announcement. Graphic designers are able to assist you in creating a beautiful custom announcement featuring your favorite professional photo. The newborn session is going to capture your baby’s precious moments during a peaceful slumber that you can treasure for the rest of your life. By keeping the photo shoot calming and peaceful your baby is going to have a wonderful time and you’ll have a perfect memory to treasure.


What Props Look Good in Newborn Shoots?


Newborns shoots are going to have a simple sleepy photo pose since their young bodies aren’t ready to sit up. Their innocent faces are going to be the main focus in any picture however there are still props that can be added to give your newborn some extra cuteness. While at the shoot you are going to be able to select a prop that photographers know will work with your newborn’s sleepy look and be comfortable to them as well. If you are thinking about props here are some props that look good in a newborn’s photo shoot.


Large Hats

Large soft hats are going to be a perfect prop for your newborn baby shoot because they will feel comfortable and relaxed in them. You may have a comfy hat that your newborn is already used to wearing or you can choose a colorful hat from the props. The hat is going to be a bright vibrant design that stands alone against the background. By using a hat your baby will be relaxed and warm as they drift off to sleep.



Cocoons and hammocks are a great prop if your baby is comfortable with the change in height. A cocoon is going to give your baby complete comfort and warmth that’ll work to lull your angel to sleep without even trying. A hammock is a great prop is you aren’t looking for a regular curled up sleeping photo. The hammock is going to work if your baby is able to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.



Blankets are going to be used as a comfortable prop and added softness for your baby. Your baby might already have a special blanket you want in the photo or a family quilt the baby can lie and sleep on. Whatever your idea for your newborn’s first professional photos there is a way to incorporate your ideas to get the shot you desire. The comforts of a blanket is going to give you baby some familiarity in a strange place. By using a baby blanket as a prop your baby will be lulling off in no time.


Large props

All newborn photo shoots are going to have the sleeping baby image. The use of large props is going to not be recommended as your baby isn’t going to react to it. Instead soft props for wearing or cuddling are used to give your baby something to sleep on or with. The use of large props wouldn’t be until 6 months during a Sitting & Drooling session where your baby is wide-eyed and grinning.


Your newborn is going to have the time of their life as they are doted upon and comforted into nap after nap. While your baby is resting props can be added but for some all they want is a simple background and a happily passed out baby to cherish forever. Whether you are looking to add props or just to keep it simple your baby is still going to be happy with their day no matter what.


How to Find the Right Personality Type for Your Newborn Photographer


Do you want to take some beautiful pictures of your newborn baby son or daughter, but you do not have a good camera, and would not know how to take great photos with one if you did? Do you want more than just any old photo? If so, then you need a professional infant portrait photographer.  With so many choices available, how can you know which type of personality will work well?  Here are some traits to look for when searching for the best kind of photographer for taking baby portraits.


  1. The Best Baby Portrait Takers are Active Photographers

Firstly, there are two main kinds of photographers: passive and active.  A passive photographer works better with still subjects, such as landscapes, architecture, bowls of fruit, or other such things. While they can photograph people, their skills truly shine when they work with subjects over which they do not have much control.  For infant portraits, you will want an active photographer.


  1. Active Photographers are Extroverts

The first and most noticeable trait, of active photographers is that they are extroverts. This means that they are outgoing and love to be around other people.  Interaction with others energizes and inspires them, which brings out their best work.  Extroverts also tackle challenges by talking through the issue with others, which means that as they talk with you about what you want for the portraits, they will be working out how to perfectly accomplish it.  Likewise, they are usually very friendly and personable, which makes it easier for them to get along with during a long photo shoot.


  1. Active Photographers Love to Be a Large Influence in the End Product

Another big trait of active photographers is their love for control over the shoot.  They usually work in studios, where they are able to control the lighting, the background, the pose of the individual, and the angles of the shot.  They are at their peak performance when they work with people, and babies are no different.  In the end result, you will be able to see the distinct work of the photographer in the portrait they create for your baby son or daughter. On a related note, an active photographer will also have their own studio, which means they can regulate the temperature so that the baby does not get cold and fussy during the shoot.


  1. Active Photographers Thrive while Creating the Perfect Portrait

As opposed to passive photographers, who do their best work when they have little to do with the shot other than the settings on the camera and the way they position themselves, active photographers make their best work in the form of portraits of people, who they can direct, dress, and position how they see best works for the shot.

As you can see, you definitely want to have an active photographer for the portrait of your newborn baby.  Look around this site for more tips on what to look for and how to prepare your child for the perfect photograph.

Three Things to Know About Choosing a Newborn Photographer


One of the most priceless and memorable times in your life is the arrival of a new baby. This easily trumps many other big occasions in your life. In order to capture this exciting time, you want to hire a professional photographer to shoot some images of your newborn. Babies can grow so quickly and every stage is important. The newborn stage quickly goes away after a few months and all you have left are memories. When scheduling your newborn photographer to come take photos of your new baby, you want to make sure you hire the right one. If you choose the wrong photographer, you could end up with some bad pictures that do not capture the essence of your baby. Since you cannot go back and redo them, you will have to live with those images forever. Here are three things you should look for when choosing a newborn photographer.




One of the most vital components of choosing a newborn photographer is experience. Working with newborns is not like working with other people. Newborns require special care and a lot of direction. Newborn photographers have to be hands on. Since newborns cannot be readily available, they have to be able to maneuver them into the right poses in order to get the best shots. With newborns, you have to have a lot of patience. It is not uncommon for them to cry, get hungry, and go to the bathroom during the photo session. During these times, you have to be willing to take a break. Newborns require a lot of attention and time during a photo shoot.




Because of the detail newborns require during their photo sessions, you want to make sure you are choosing the right photographer. The price for a newborn photo session can vary between each photographer. It is important to get an estimate of what the cost will be ahead of time. Many photographers charge by the hour and provide you a set number of photos included in the session. Other photographers may charge you for each picture you order. If possible, you will want to look into getting a cd of the session. This way you can order numerous pictures for family and friends.




Carrying a newborn around can be very difficult. You have to lug around all their stuff that goes along with them including a diaper bag, stroller, and carrier. When hiring a newborn photographer, you want to consider the location of the shoot. Some photographers are more than happy to come to your home to capture the shots. Other photographers may have their own photography studio and will require you to come there. This is something you should consider before hiring the photographer.


By considering these three factors, you can feel confident you will choose the best photographer for your situation. Experience, pricing, and location all play a role in finding the best photographer to capture your newborn baby.


  When Is a Good Age For Newborn Photography?


Pictures capture all the memorable moments in life and freeze them so you can cherish them forever. Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to capture your newborn’s birth right away? Any age is great for newborn photography. Most hospitals even offer a newborn photo session, while you are still in the hospital. Because of this fact, most people choose to wait to get a professional photographer for about a week after bringing their baby home.

The Ideal Age

If you are looking to find out the ideal age that most photographers suggest getting newborn pictures done, the answer is 5 to 12 days old. This time frame has given your baby’s skin time to even out to a nice flesh tone color ensuring that it is no longer blotchy. Another benefit to doing it between these days is your baby still sleeping a lot. Therefore, it is easier to capture all those sweet curled up position. These positions are great for props using baskets and bathtub poses. Most newborn pictures are done curled up in these items. Around 2 weeks, newborns start to opening up more when they sleep, making it more awkward to pose them in props.

Book In Advance

In order to ensure that you will be able to get your newborn photography done during this time, you need to book in advance. Many photographers’ who specialize in newborn photography are booked several months in advance. Therefore, you should book as far out as possible. Preferable in your second trimester. This is a moment that will not come back so make sure you book it so you can remember this precious time in your baby’s life. If you are worried about your baby not coming on its due date, do not. Many photographer will hold times for before and after due dates as well to make sure they are flexible enough to capture this special time.

Come Prepared

Accidents happen with children of all ages, even newborns. When getting your newborn’s pictures done come prepared. Some items to bring along with you during your newborn photography session are a pacifier and a change of clothes for you, if you are going to be in pictures. Since most newborns are photographed naked, you never know when you might accidentally get peed on. Another thing to bring with you is anything that has significant meaning, such as a small toy or a special blanket. Also, bring any outfit changes you want your child photographed in.

The worst thing you can do is worry that something is going to go wrong. Photographers do this every single day. They know how important this is for you and they will make it prefect. If your baby starts to cry, don’t rush to his side. Trust that the photographer can handle it. Sometimes it can be harder to settle them if parents get involved. Relax and know that you are in good hands and so is your newborn.


How to Prepare Your Baby For a Photo Shoot


Bringing a baby in for his or her first Charlotte photo shoot can be an incredibly fun time. It can also be worrisome to many parents. You want these pictures to capture all of those special moments you see each day. You want the pictures to really provide you with a way to remember your child at this age for the rest of your life. You’ve heard horror stories of taking children in for photo shoots only to have the child cry the whole time. What can you do to ensure your baby’s photo shoot goes well? With a few simple steps, you may see some pretty great results.

Choose a photo shoot time that works well for your child’s schedule!

Don’t assume your child is going to be willing to change his or her plans for the day to meet your needs. If you know the baby naps every day at noon, don’t schedule a photo shoot for that time. Ensure that you allow the baby to get his naps as necessary prior to visiting. This can give your child the best opportunity to be in a good mood. Be sure the baby is fully rested and isn’t likely to be hungry for some time.

Keep outfit changing to a minimum

While you may have found 10 different outfits that you know your baby is going to look incredible in during the photo shoot, realize that each outfit change means another 30 minutes or so. Most babies will not tolerate a very long photo session even with a few breaks. Try to keep things a bit shorter to ensure your child is going to be able to handle the experience.

Bring in some new ways

Even very young babies are stimulated by colors, sounds, and something that is new. Pick up some inexpensive items that you think the child will be interested in looking at or holding during the photo shoot. This way, you can work on capturing some of those unique facial expressions that are so important for most parents.

Keep the number of people at the shoot low

During a young child’s photo shoot, you’ll want to keep things simple and calm. You don’t want to shock the child or otherwise create a frustrating experience. The more people present, the more likely it is the child will have too many people directing, talking, or overwhelming the child. In addition, no one knows your baby as well as you do.

Perhaps the best time to keep in mind for your baby’s photo shoot is to relax and keep things as natural as possible. Don’t direct the child or overwhelm him or her with too much stimulation. For babies, some of the best photo shoots are the simplest because they focus on your child’s incredible personal details and intimate moments. Don’t be opposed to being in a few of these photos as well. This can really make things more special for you now and long down the road.

What to Bring to a Newborn Shoot


A newborn photo shoot can be such an exciting experience. Since you brought your child home from the hospital, you’ve noticed every little smile, twinkle of the eye, and twitch of his or her finger. Now, you want to capture all of those special little moments on film. A newborn shoot is also one of the most worrisome of all photo shoots for parents. After all, you want to capture as much of your child’s uniqueness as possible since he or she is growing at such a fast pace. One of the best things to do is to relax. You’ll want to make this photo shoot memorable as well.

To make it that way, focus on being prepared for the big day. The following are some of the most important items to bring with you on the photo shoot. Remember, though, that you know your child. Ensure what you bring and do for your child is what he or she needs to be relaxed, happy, and safe.

Bring a few outfit changes: Don’t bring too many since most babies don’t like to be changed often and this may draw out the photo session beyond what the baby will tolerate. Keep things simple whenever possible. Nevertheless, have a few backups.

Bring the diaper bag: Babies at this age are unpredictable. You’ll need food, diapers, and all of the other goodies that he or she needs to remain happy. Avoid trying to change feeding times or nap times during this period as well. You want your child to be on his or her regular schedule as much as possible.

Bring a few brightly-colored items: Newborns don’t hold or play with toys yet, but these items can help to draw his or her attention and open their eyes wider. Choose items that make happy, light noises or interesting sounds, too.

Bring a favorite blanket: Wrapping your child in a blanket from grandma or in a special blanket from the hospital is the perfect way to ensure your child looks natural. You can do this with any type of special item. Skip the fancy outfit and create a natural look.

Consider things like:

  • A basket for your child to rest in, perhaps on fluffy towels
  • A favorite toy
  • A sentimental gift he or she received
  • Religious items that you want to commemorate
  • Fun themed items that you want to create

It is a good idea to talk to your photographer about planned photos and props. In some cases, you may not need to bring a lot with you. In other situations, you can have the freedom to create something that fits your unique needs. Most importantly, remember to keep things as simple as possible and to allow your child’s individual personality to come through during the newborn shoot. Make sure to bring a long a friend as well. Sometimes having another adult nearby can help you to feel more relaxed. When parents are relaxed, babies are more likely to be, too.


What Time of Day Should I Schedule a Newborn Shoot?


It’s time to capture those special moments of your newborn in a newborn photo shoot. It’s a big deal. You should work hard to find the right photographer, hopefully someone that specializes in newborn shots. You’ll also want to spend a bit of time thinking about what you want your child to wear, what poses to choose, and who will come with you. All of these are important parts of making this event special and memorable. However, one of the most important things to consider is when to bring your child in for a newborn photo shoot.

Give it time

Depending on your photographer, you may have a few hours of time to play with when it comes to these photo shoots. That will give you time in between photo shoots to ensure your child gets cuddles and comfort. The goal here is not to rush things. The best way to do that is to ensure that you give your photographer and your baby plenty of time during the shoot.

Don’t come at feeding times

Of course newborns need to eat frequently, but if your child is on a schedule at all, ensure you keep him or her to it. This ensures the baby isn’t going to be hungry and upset about it. A full baby’s belly, keeps the baby happy. That’s something you want to ensure. Bring a bottle along for in between sessions, too. This will help you to have enough time.

Keep your baby awake before the photo shoot

Many of the best photo shoots with newborns are those that are created when the child is sleeping. Try to keep the baby awake for an hour or two prior to the studio. Give the baby a bath before arriving, play a bit, and then come in. You’ll want the baby to exercise his or her lungs before they come in. Let them tire out a bit. This will ensure the child is going to have a more relaxed session when you come in.

Choose the right time of the day

Believe it or not, one of the best times for a newborn photo shoot is first thing in the morning. Most babies will sleep more soundly during this time. Afternoon sessions can be harder to plan because small things can throw the child off his or her schedule, creating the potential for upset babies. Try to choose a time that works well for your child, though. Most importantly, you need to make sure your child is going to be in a comfortable environment when he or she is the most relaxed, happy, and calm.

It is also important for you to think about your own schedule. You’ll need to be very calm and relaxed throughout the photo shoot as well. This is very important for mothers, especially, since babies quickly pick up on mom’s mood. The good news is you shouldn’t worry. Most of the time, your child’s true character will come out in the shots when you work with a skilled photographer.

What Should I Have My Child Wear to a Photo Shoot?



Whether you are bringing just one child in for a photo shoot or the entire family, one of the most frequently asked questions parents have is about what the child should wear. Of course this is a very personal decision. And, your photo shoot may be limited time-wise, making it harder for you to have as much as time as you would like for endless outfits. Beyond just considering how many outfits, think about what you want them to wear instead. That is, make each outfit count, but make sure it fits your child’s personality. These tips will give you the best results.

Wear what you love

Perhaps the best advice you can have when it comes to choosing clothing for your child’s photo shoot is as simple as choosing outfits, looks, colors, and patterns that you love. Here are a few tips to making that happen.

  • Choose colors and styles that your child likes (if he or she is old enough to have opinions yet!) They will feel more confident in these outfits and definitely more likely to pose comfortably.
  • Don’t choose items that are hard to put on or uncomfortable. Most photo sessions involved moving around in various positions. Comfortable (and the ability to move easily) are very important factors for clothing.
  • Don’t choose something your son or daughter hates. It will show in that scroll across his or her face during the photo shoot!

Thinking about group shots?

Often times, parents who are bringing a group in, or even just two children, are looking for recommendations on matching clothing. Of course, you do not need to do this. In other cases, you’ll want to make sure they coordinate in some way. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • For casual pictures, have everyone wear denim. It’s easy to match, comfortable, and still stylish enough to wear in any way.
  • Go with a color pallet that is unique, but matches. For example, choose all pastels or all jewel tones. Having everyone wear a touch of pink or a touch of green, for example, can help bring the photo shoot together.
  • Don’t make them all wear the same thing. Let their personalities come out. Perhaps your teenage boy really hates wearing ties. Let his personality come out with an open collar. Choose clothing that has the same color in each item, but not as the main color. A small amount of “the same” color or style on each person can make a big difference.

You can do whatever you want when it comes to what your child wears. It’s a good thing to ensure the clothing is previously worn – to avoid any issues with comfort or sizing. It is also a good idea to ensure anything worn isn’t right out of the packet to avoid folded lines and creases in the items. Of course, you do get to be in charge of the clothes, so being creative always works well!