How to Protect Baby Photos From Damage Over Time


Have you ever picked up an older photo and noticed that it was faded or you could barely see over the scratched? Unfortunately, photos do wear down over time and they can become ruined in a matter of no time. If you have photos of your baby, you want them to last forever and you already cherish them. To help you keep your photos in the best shape possible, consider the tips below.

1. First, photos scratch much easier than you think they do and depending on the type of scratch, the photo can be ruined instantly. It is important that you limit the number of times you handle the baby photos. The more you pass the photo around and touch it, the more likely it is to become scratched.

Any dust on the actual photograph will scratch the film as well and leave you with unsightly damage. You should keep photos in place once they are put away somewhere. Also, you should avoid stacking photos on top of each other without any form of protection in between.

2. When you are storing your photographs, you want to make sure that you keep them in a safe place away from the ground or any leaks. Water is an enemy of photographs and can cause them to bleed and ruin. You cannot always restore a photo after water damage so you need to take the steps now to keep them safe.

In addition, you should limit how much humidity your pictures are exposed to. Allowing them to sit in areas where humidity is prone will cause them to damage as well.

3. Lastly, you want to keep your photos away from light and sitting in the sun. When you store them, make sure the baby photos are put away neatly and out of the sun’s rays. Sun damage will fade a photo and cause the color to dim and drain from the photo.

If you have a bunch of baby photos, you should store them properly to ensure they last a lifetime. You can always recall old memories and share those memories with other family members through photos. If you do find that some of your baby photos have been damaged due to water, humidity, the sun, or dust, you can try and have them restored back to their original condition by a professional.

Special Ways to Share Your Newborn’s First Photo Shoot


Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in life and being able to share your newborn’s first photo shoot is even more special. Not only will you be excited, your beautiful bundle of joy will look amazing and this is the perfect opportunity to show your long distance family and friends the new extension of your family. If you are looking for some special ways to show off your newborn’s first photo shoot, consider the tips below.

Create a Beautiful Birth Announcement

One of the easiest and best ways to share your newborn’s first photo shoot is by creating a personalized birth announcement. The announcement can include multiple pictures from the shoot that you think reflect your baby well. You can add your child’s name, date of birth, and any other information you want. In addition, create a small section that places the recipient’s name somewhere on the birth announcement to ensure it is personal.

Share a Part of the Photo

Having mom and dad in the photo is a great way to make your baby’s first photo shoot special and it helps showcase the new family perfectly when you hand out the photos.

Use Online Albums

Although print announcements are great, some people do not have the ability to receive mail or you may not be comfortable sending your child’s information in an envelope all around the world. You can still share your newborn’s first photos by creating a locked online album. In the online album, you can make slideshows, include your favorite pics, make announcements, and so much more. The protection of a password helps keep your photos secure and the only people who can view are the ones you want to see.

Create a Tote Bag

Another great way to share this special moment is to take a collage of your favorite photos from the shoot and make a tote bag for everyone. Not only will the bags be useful, everyone will be reminded of your adorable child each time they reach for the bag.

Add a Small Gift to the Picture

You can create a small photo album with the best shots from the shoot and then include a small gift in the box along with the album. Whether it is a personalized silver pen, a new mug, or something you know your family will love, this is a great way to share your child’s special moment.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Lastly, you can place your child’s photo into a Christmas tree ornament and then hand it out to all of your family members. The ornament will be there to remind them of their little joy and even as your child grows, their picture will remain.

If you are looking for great ways to share your newborn’s first photo shoot, the above ways are easy, simple, but speak a thousand words. If you need help with the photo shoot or you are looking for an experienced professional, Couture Portraits is the answer.

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Date with Dad!

He spoiled you with flowers, your favorite jeans or chocolate; now, it’s your turn to do something special for him. Why not start off by planning a little date for your little monkeys and their favorite daddy?!

We’ve got a fun afternoon planned for your little ones and their dad. They’ll start off at our studio where we’ll have yummy treats from The Blushing Bakeshop and savory snacks from Switchin Kitchens. We’ll snap some photos to make sure to capture the memory (a 5 x 7 will be provided a few weeks later!). Then it’s off to our neighbors, small hands big art, where they’ll be in for another treat – this time, one that they get to create themselves. The one-of-a-kind backdrop they craft together will fit perfectly behind their image that’s captured at Couture Portraits and will become a new resident of your walls, taking prime positioning, of course!

Mark your calendar for June 3 but let us know prior to – we need to make sure to have this day specially planned for those special people in your family. And here’s a little secret: if you plan this just right, you may just get a little alone time yourself. Shhhh!!

Get all the details below and register at https://www.formstack.com/forms/shba-father

We can’t wait to see you!  :-)


Winners of prizes from the model search

Good morning, friends!

Thanks again to all of the participants, voters and more who have brought such excitement to our model search. As promised, we’ve randomly drawn a few winners from those who attended the event. The winning numbers and their associated prizes are listed below.  We will contact you today or tomorrow about collecting your prize, or feel free to reach out to us via email or phone as well!

#4 – $25 gift certificate to the buti bag co.
#19 – $25 gift certificate to the buti bag co.
#26 – $25 gift certificate to the buti bag co.
#35 – $25 gift certificate to the buti bag co.
#37 – free 5 x 7 of your cutie’s photo from the shoot from Couture Portraits
#40 – free 5 x 7 of your cutie’s photo from the shoot from Couture Portraits
#43 – free 5 x 7 of your cutie’s photo from the shoot from Couture Portraits
#67 – free 8 x 10 of your cutie’s photo from the shoot from Couture Portraits


Hi Moms,

 Thank you again for your awesome participation and enthusiasm for our Couture Cuties Model Search for the buti-bag co.!  All 71 kiddos are just super delicious and we loved meeting them!  :-)  The contest is officially over but we still have give-a-ways for some lucky kids.  Check facebook on Monday to see what names were drawn for each give-a-way!
Now, it’s time to announce what you have all been waiting for… here are the TOP 10 KIDS! (they received the most votes on the blog and facebook combined. These are not listed in any particular order):
#1, #9, #14, #28, #31, #39, #40, #53, #54, & #69
Of these 10 little angels the management team choose (2) two runners up:
#9, #69
CONGRATULATIONS  Jordyn & Joseph!!!!
#1, #39, #53
 WHOOHOOO!   Congratulations Avah, Harper and Marlee!!!!  YAY!!!
*WInners – we will contact you with more information next week for the photo shoot Saturday, May 12 at 8:00am.**
Thank you once again!

Kids Model Search – VOTE HERE!

We loved seeing so many new, cute faces last week at our model search at the studio. Our friends at the buti bag co. are in need of marketing materials for their new product, belle bottoms, and we had some of the most adorable little ones come out to get photographed for their chance to be in a future photo shoot for the product that adds an element of fun to your pant cuffs.

Now on to the good stuff! We want your vote on who you’d like to see used on the product’s marketing material. But before we get there, we’ve got a couple of rules:

  • The images are all below. To vote, simply comment on the photo of your choice (i.e. “I vote for this image”).
  • One vote per person on the blog, and one vote per person on our Facebook page.
  • To vote on our Facebook page, simply write on our wall “I vote for #YOUR SELECTION HERE” (i.e. “I vote for #75″). Please note – This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
  • There will be 3 winners and 2 runners up chosen (in the case that one of the winners can not make the session for the product).
  • The management committee has final say in the winners and runners up to ensure that diversity (including age, sex and ethnicity) is met and that the product is accurately represented; for instance, we cannot have a product that showcases three two-year-old girls together since the product is for both sexes and multiple ages).
  • Voting will close on Friday April 27 at noon. The winner will be chosen by 5 p.m. of the same date and the photo shoot will take place on Sat. May 12 at 8 a.m.

And without further adieu … (drum roll, please) … here are the photos you have been waiting for!

Couture Cuties – April 2012

It’s been a busy month! Gorgeous weather combined with adorable kiddos has made for some precious keepsakes, if we do say so ourselves! :-)  Check out a sampling of some of our cuties we’ve captured below and don’t forget to come by and see us on Thursday or Friday this week for our kids model search with the buti bag co.!


Kids Model Search

Bring your little cuties by and have a chance to be on the marketing materials of the buti bag co.’s “belle bottoms”!

Hello, friends!

Welcome to our blog! We’re so excited that you’re here and can’t wait to stay connected with you with super fun stuff that’s up and coming.

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