Choosing a Frame For Your Newborn Portraits


With the gift of a newborn comes a lot of excitement and the want to share the news. you have taken the pictures of your newborn and made it without a hitch. The overwhelming emotion and possibly tears you felt while looking at the pictures is not one you want to keep to yourself or forget. You want the pride and joy that is your newborn to fill the walls and furniture in your house for your own reminder and share. Choosing the frame for your newborn phots can be just as important as choosing the pictures themselves. If you are looking to choose a frame or plan to soon, here are a few tips for choosing the right frame for your newborn portraits.


  • Consider the Photo Sizes


This step in the newborn photography can be done before taking the photos or after. Knowing what frame to choose usually comes after having chosen what print size you would like. Smaller sizes will be more convenient for the smaller types of frames while some of the bigger sizes might not even need frames as they are designed like canvases.


  • Consider the Frames


With some many different types of frames available, it is important to consider and decide which frame is best for you. The photo size matters of course, but you must also consider the options. There are the classic frames that are available. The standard stand up frame you can place on your living room tables and furniture. There is also the classic wall frame that can allow for slightly larger sizes. There is also room to get creative with the frames by using overlaid frames that let you display more pictures. You get to choose what works best for you.


  • Other possibilities

Choosing a frame is simply choosing how you would like to display these pictures. While you can go traditional or get a bit creative with your frames, it can also be help to consider other options. However, it all depends on what may be your personal style. To save room on your walls and hallways, you can consider using other household items like photo cubes or shelves. You can pull out your inner repairperson tools and create a photo display that is part of your house. There is also the possibility of using other household items to facilitate hanging up frames, like coat hooks, or to add some flare to your photos.


  • Consider the Future


This will most likely not be the last time you take pictures of your child, professional or otherwise, that you would like to display. The excitement for your newborn and these first pictures might go a little overboard and leave you with more photos than you can count. Therefore, it is important that you consider and remember that there will be pictures in the future. Get frames then that can be easily interchangeable for future portrait options. It also allows you to consider how much room you have available for frames and pictures in your home and then plan accordingly.


Your newborn portraits are something you can treasure as your child grows up. Choosing a frame for the pictures can be just as important but does not mean it should be stressful. Remember some of these tips considering the sizes, frames, future photos, and maybe even some other creative possibilities. You can be on your way to creating a reminder of that beautiful moment.