Custom Photography

What Is Custom Photography?

When you hire a custom photographer, he or she is working for you!  We want you to love our style, love our work, and trust us with documenting your life as it is, in the moment.  We invest about 10 hours per client to make sure you have great imagery of you and your family that freezes moments in time, creating stories of a lifetime. These stories are why you invest in a custom portrait photographer.

Custom portraiture is a unique experience; there are no waiting lines or crowded rooms of strangers in our studio.  Instead, we strive to make each session a relaxing and personalized experience.   Since we never schedule more than one or two sessions per day, you can rest assured that all of our attention is on you and your child; there will never be a rush.  We want you to make our studio your home!

Our photography has been used in local as well as national marketing, but our focus has always been decorating your home with stunning wall art displays.  You can find our images in hundreds of homes throughout North Carolina and surrounding states.  Although we are located in Charlotte, we can be commissioned for travel to any beach or mountain top.  “Have Car–Will Drive” is my philosophy!!!  We love travel and can’t wait for the summer months when we get to dip our toes in the oceans of North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida!  And don’t forget the majestic mountains in the fall!  The fall leaves can be just as magical as the beach!

I would be honored to be your photographer!  Please feel free to call us and chat about how we can stop time and savor this amazing moment in your family’s life with custom portraiture.