Cute Backdrops for Newborns


There is a lot your photographer can do and say with just a photo. However, you also can have a say in what you want your picture to look like. Photographers offer many options to make the picture your own through the props and backgrounds they have. With so many options, it can be overwhelming deciding which backgrounds to use. Despite the fact that either way, your newborn will look precious, it is still probably a good idea to consider what background options you have. If you are in the process of brainstorming and considering backdrops for newborns, here are a few ideas of cute ones you may like.


  • Blankets


This type of backdrop is simple but can still be very cute and even classy. Using a blanket as the backdrop for the photo allows a variety for colors and textures in your photo. They can also be comfortable for the newborn and make if only slightly easier for your photographer. The blanket backdrop leaves it simply so you can customize with props like headbands, little suits or bows. This might be a surprisingly cute but simply idea.


  • Nursery Rhymes


Nursery rhymes will soon become an essential part of your parental tools, so why not incorporate into your newborn photos. With so many nursery rhymes available, you are also left with lots of options for backdrops following these stories. The story of the cow jumping over the moon allows for the use of a cute moon backdrop and maybe some props related to cows can be a nice detail to add. There is also nursery rhymes related to other animals that can make for more “aww” moments while being cute. Nursery rhyme backdrops can also be gender neutral making it possible to be used with boys, girls, or twins of the opposite gender. This is a great way to narrow down the top backdrops for newborns.



  • Nature


The nature backdrop option can allow two main ways to go about it. You can have it outdoors in real nature or have the artificial backdrop. Depending on your photographer, you can have the photoshoot outside and use the natural light of the sun to make some phenomenal photos. It can also be possible to make use of backdrops in a studio to create the same effect while being more comfortable for you. With the nature backdrop, you can even use some props like flowers or leaves to add effect or make it specific to one season.

  • Holidays

This last cute backdrop tip leaves you with a few more options as well. You can keep it simple but you can also get creative with what holiday you choose. Sometimes it does not even have to be that time of year to be able to use a certain holiday’s backdrop. Using this backdrop also lets you be prepared and even get ahead on the next holiday season. You can backdrops with Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s day, among others. You can make the photos as cheesy or precious as you want them to be.

These newborn photographs you will most likely display and then cherish forever. For that reason, it is important that you choose the backdrops and props careful. Work with your photographer so you can ensure to be satisfied by the final product. Considering these cute backdrops, blankets, nursery rhymes, nature or holidays can get you one-step closer to that goal. Make sure your newborn photographs bring you back to that special moment to tell the story of your love and family.