How to Find the Right Personality Type for Your Newborn Photographer


Do you want to take some beautiful pictures of your newborn baby son or daughter, but you do not have a good camera, and would not know how to take great photos with one if you did? Do you want more than just any old photo? If so, then you need a professional infant portrait photographer.  With so many choices available, how can you know which type of personality will work well?  Here are some traits to look for when searching for the best kind of photographer for taking baby portraits.


  1. The Best Baby Portrait Takers are Active Photographers

Firstly, there are two main kinds of photographers: passive and active.  A passive photographer works better with still subjects, such as landscapes, architecture, bowls of fruit, or other such things. While they can photograph people, their skills truly shine when they work with subjects over which they do not have much control.  For infant portraits, you will want an active photographer.


  1. Active Photographers are Extroverts

The first and most noticeable trait, of active photographers is that they are extroverts. This means that they are outgoing and love to be around other people.  Interaction with others energizes and inspires them, which brings out their best work.  Extroverts also tackle challenges by talking through the issue with others, which means that as they talk with you about what you want for the portraits, they will be working out how to perfectly accomplish it.  Likewise, they are usually very friendly and personable, which makes it easier for them to get along with during a long photo shoot.


  1. Active Photographers Love to Be a Large Influence in the End Product

Another big trait of active photographers is their love for control over the shoot.  They usually work in studios, where they are able to control the lighting, the background, the pose of the individual, and the angles of the shot.  They are at their peak performance when they work with people, and babies are no different.  In the end result, you will be able to see the distinct work of the photographer in the portrait they create for your baby son or daughter. On a related note, an active photographer will also have their own studio, which means they can regulate the temperature so that the baby does not get cold and fussy during the shoot.


  1. Active Photographers Thrive while Creating the Perfect Portrait

As opposed to passive photographers, who do their best work when they have little to do with the shot other than the settings on the camera and the way they position themselves, active photographers make their best work in the form of portraits of people, who they can direct, dress, and position how they see best works for the shot.

As you can see, you definitely want to have an active photographer for the portrait of your newborn baby.  Look around this site for more tips on what to look for and how to prepare your child for the perfect photograph.