How to Keep Your Baby Calm during a Newborn Shoot


In order for the photographer to find the perfect photographic portrait of your baby, you need to make sure your baby is and remains calm during the duration. Though it is impossible to prevent all problems that may arise, here are a few excellent tips on how to keep your baby soothed and calm during the duration of the shoot.


  1. Keep Yourself Calm and Happy

Even a newborn is more sensitive than you may think they would be.  If you are nervous or overly excited, then your baby will take notice of your increased heartrate, shaky hands, or sped up breathing, and he or she will get agitated and start to fuss. Do whatever you do to relax, such as deep breathing, to calm yourself so that the baby will also feel calm. If you can keep baby calm, you can enjoy the photo shoot.


  1. Help the Baby Keep Warm

For a newborn that was wrapped in a warm and comfortable cocoon for nine months, being cold can be a startling and unpleasant experience. Ask if your photographer can increase the heat in the studio so that the baby will be at a comfortable temperature even when posed with no clothing on.  If that is not possible, then try photographs while the baby is wrapped in a towel or blanket. Some photographers have even tried draping a cloth over the parent and then laying the baby on his or her chest so that the baby feels the body heat and heartbeats of the parent.


  1. Make Sure the Baby Is Full

Many babies cry or put up a fuss when they are hungry, so a prolonged photo shoot can be difficult for them. Make sure to feed the baby on arrival so that he or she does not have time to digest before the photography starts.  If you need to take time out of the shoot to feed a fussy baby midway through, then do not hesitate to do so, as it will likely calm the baby back down.


  1. Utilize Comforting White Noise

Just as heat helps simulate the warmth of the womb, so too can soft white noise simulate the sound of the organs of the mother, which had been a constant sound for the baby during its tenure in the womb. Try soft noises, like a running hair dryer, static from a radio, a vacuum in the next room over, or water running in the faucet.


  1. Gently Rock or Move the Baby

If none of the above work, you can also try utilizing soothing movements, such as gently rocking the baby, or patting its back in a gentle manner. You may try walking around the room with the baby against your chest, or moving your knees back and forth with the baby seated on top.


With these tips, you should have some good techniques to try when attempting to soothe your baby and keep him or her calm during the duration of the photo shoot.  Search the rest of this blog or the featured pages on the site to learn more about preparing your baby for the perfect photo opportunity.