How to Protect Baby Photos From Damage Over Time


Have you ever picked up an older photo and noticed that it was faded or you could barely see over the scratched? Unfortunately, photos do wear down over time and they can become ruined in a matter of no time. If you have photos of your baby, you want them to last forever and you already cherish them. To help you keep your photos in the best shape possible, consider the tips below.

1. First, photos scratch much easier than you think they do and depending on the type of scratch, the photo can be ruined instantly. It is important that you limit the number of times you handle the baby photos. The more you pass the photo around and touch it, the more likely it is to become scratched.

Any dust on the actual photograph will scratch the film as well and leave you with unsightly damage. You should keep photos in place once they are put away somewhere. Also, you should avoid stacking photos on top of each other without any form of protection in between.

2. When you are storing your photographs, you want to make sure that you keep them in a safe place away from the ground or any leaks. Water is an enemy of photographs and can cause them to bleed and ruin. You cannot always restore a photo after water damage so you need to take the steps now to keep them safe.

In addition, you should limit how much humidity your pictures are exposed to. Allowing them to sit in areas where humidity is prone will cause them to damage as well.

3. Lastly, you want to keep your photos away from light and sitting in the sun. When you store them, make sure the baby photos are put away neatly and out of the sun’s rays. Sun damage will fade a photo and cause the color to dim and drain from the photo.

If you have a bunch of baby photos, you should store them properly to ensure they last a lifetime. You can always recall old memories and share those memories with other family members through photos. If you do find that some of your baby photos have been damaged due to water, humidity, the sun, or dust, you can try and have them restored back to their original condition by a professional.