How to Protect Your Newborn Photos in a Scrapbook


After you’ve finished with your newborn photo shoot, many parents choose to add the professional photos into a baby’s scrapbook for sentimental purposes. The ease of a scrapbook is going to be more involved than simply having copies of your phone or on your wall. A scrapbook can hold a timeline of your baby’s more important moments whether or not they are professionally taken. The importance of a baby scrapbook is to hold and protect your photos. If you think that your scrapbook is going to be at risk of ripping or other accidental damages here are a few ways to protect your newborns photos.


Plastic covers

If you are a scrapbooking then you might select a scrapbook that has large empty sheets of paper instead of plastic sleeve in which to protect your photos. However, even if you choose to decorate your own scrapbook pages with decorations and designs your photos can still be protected by laminating or purchasing plastic protectors for your own use. The plastic protectors are going to keep your photos from being damaged. If you want full protection many scrapbook stores will sell plastic sheets to go over the entire page so none of your decorations or mementos will be damaged.


Keeping the scrapbook secure

While your scrapbooking process isn’t going to be finished until your baby’s first year has passed you should keep the in progress scrapbook in a secure area until you can complete it. A baby’s scrapbook will be updated during every momentous event in their live and you want the scrapbook holding all of their memories to last forever. By keeping your unfinished scrapbook put away, you limit the risks of damages to your prized photos.


Digital copies

The benefits of digital copies of your newborn photos can give you the security of having a backup of the images you treasure. Newborn photographs are always something to be shared with friend and family, digital copies are going to be sent around as well as newborn announcements as a way to spread joy and pride of brining a newborn into the world. The importance of digital copies is the security that is given to parents whose lives are now becoming more and more hectic. Loosing track of things is going to happen more often with a baby in the home especially if it’s an addition to an already large family. By keeping a digital copy on hand you’ll have a backup of all of the printed copies that somehow got lost in between friends and family. The importance of peace of mind is what matters most.


Protecting your priceless photos is a concern many families have. The memories taken during their newborn photography session are ones that should be kept forever. However many family members and friends will also want to see pictures of your bundle of joy. The protection of printed photos is easier when you have backups and digital copies. The protection of printed photos can also be protected by plastic covering. The important part is that you have peace of mind when you are handing out your newborns pictures.