How to Soothe a Fussy Baby at a Photo Shoot


If you want your baby to take excellent pictures, then you will need him or her to be calm and happy. For new parents, you may not yet know how to calm down a baby, but here are a few great suggestions on possible tricks to soothe and prepare your baby for an excellent photo shoot.


  1. Utilize Gentle Motions

A fussy baby may be upset about any number of things, but one trick that helps almost every baby is the use of gentle motion.  Not any given motion will help every baby, so it is necessary to try different ones to see what works best with yours.  Here are a few motions that commonly soothe babies:

  • Patting the baby gently on the back (this may even help them burp, and solve the possible cause of the crying)
  • Seat the baby on your knees, and then move them back and forth in a side-to-side motion.
  • Hold the baby in your arms and make a gentle swaying motion with the shoulders and hips
  • Walk slowly around the room, as the rocking motion can soothe the baby

Remember not to exhaust yourself with too much motion.


  1. Make Soft Noises

Many babies find new noises distracting enough to forget that they were uncomfortable or upset.  These can be anything from shushing noises that start just louder than the baby and decrease in volume, to humming a soothing tune or singing softly. Some people have even found that tuning the radio to static or turning on the running water of a faucet can soothe a baby. Of course, nature sounds, or even other noises such as a running vacuum in a different room can help as well.


  1. Swaddle Your Baby in a Soft Blanket

Most babies were warm, safe, and comfortable while they were in the womb, but now that they are exposed to all the stimulus of the outside world, they find it confusing and scary. In order to simulate the warm, enclosed feeling of the womb, you can swaddle your baby.  To do this, take a soft and warm blanket and wrap it around your baby so that it snugly covers them from neck to toe.  This will keep the baby warm while providing that encompassing feeling they found so comforting in the womb.


  1. Let the Baby Suck on Something

Everybody likes food, and babies are no exception.  Since they receive all of their food through a nipple or a bottle throughout their first months, they can come to associate good feelings with the sensation of sucking.  While you do not want to break the feeding routine, you can simulate it by offering a pacifier, a corner of a blanket, or even the pinky finger with the nail downward.


With these tips, you can soothe your baby enough to have them calm or asleep for the ideal portrait opportunity.  For more tips on getting your baby ready to make the perfect memories with photography, check out the other blog articles or featured pages on this website.