Keeping Your Patience during a Newborn Shoot

Although it is a very exciting thing to have a newborn baby, and especially to have a photographic portrait taken of him or her, some people may find it stressful if they do not know what will happen beforehand. In order to keep your patience during a newborn shoot, you need to make sure you have plenty of time, that you understand the procedure of the shoot, that you keep your baby calm, and that you yourself stay relaxed throughout.


  1. Make Sure You Have Plenty of Time before You Schedule

Many new parents who have not had a newborn photography shoot before underestimate the time it takes to get a good portrait.  When many parents only schedule one to two hours for the shoot, they find themselves getting frustrated when the photographer asks for more time.  Be sure to plan for the photo shoot to take at least three hours, maybe four.  Also, be sure to schedule this time to happen first thing in the morning, as this will provide optimal outside lighting and will avoid the crankiness that can come in the afternoon.


  1. Know What to Expect from the Photographer

Many parents become frustrated because they do not understand the long process of taking photographic portraits. The photographer will need to have everything just right, which means that you may have to go through a lot of positioning of the props, such as cloths or pillows, and of the baby.  They may want to add just the right accessory to add color, or want to have the baby lay on the chest of a parent.  Just remember that the photographer is an artist, and for your baby to have a perfect portrait, you will need to be patient while they work with their medium.


  1. Keep Your Baby Warm and Soothed

One big way to prevent stress and frustration is to keep your baby from being fussy.  The calmer they stay, the less you will have to worry about pacifying them so that the shot turns out well.  To do this, you need to keep them warm, fed, and soothed.  Make sure the room is warm enough to keep them happy even if the clothing is removed, and feed your baby just before you start the shoot. Try using white noise or soothing, gentle touches to keep your baby content.  Search this blog for more articles on this topic.


  1. Stay Relaxed So that Your Baby Will Be Relaxed

If you are stressed, your baby will be able to notice it, which will make him or her anxious and fussy. Do whatever you need to in order to calm down.  Listen to your favorite music via headphones, or do yoga; whatever helps you keep calm.


With these tips, you should be better prepared for keeping your cool throughout the duration of the photo shoot. Check out the rest of this website for more articles on how to make the photo portrait of your baby perfect.