New Voting Cut Off – Thursday at 3pm

Hi Moms,

WOW, this has been so exciting!  You are all getting so many votes – my goodness!  :-)  We have already had over 18,000 visits to our blog – so thrilling!  Thank you ALL for your support and enthusiasm!  This has really been super fun for all of us!

Because of the fabulous activity, we feel it would be best to cut off the voting a day early.  As you can imagine, we are getting bogged down counting all these votes!  AND you all are so much smarter than we are – we thought you would vote in two places but you have managed to find at least seven different places to type in your vote!  Well done!  HAHA!   This has also made counting the votes more challenging and time consuming.  What a great problem to have though!  :-)
I hope no one minds, but, we would like to cut off the voting tomorrow (THURSDAY) at 3pm.  This should give you enough time to get any last minute votes in and give us plenty of time to count all the entries.  Thank you so much for your understanding and support for our decision.