Precious Newborn Photo Gift Ideas to Share with Family


Your photos came out beautifully and you are more than satisfied with the final result. You might have shed a tear or two. You are left with many pictures of your precious newborn but are unsure as to what to do with all of them. The pictures you plan to display in your house are already chosen but do not want to leave the other photos in the dark. You decide to share this precious moment with those that matter most and will probably appreciate the pictures as much as you have your family. For whatever occasion or simply no occasion at all, here are a few photo gifts you can share with your family.


  • Photo Collages


There are a few ways you can use your photos to make a collage. This photo gift idea lets you use many different photos and display them all at once. You can make a digital collage and combine various photos. You also have the option of making the collage with photo prints and add a little touch of your own to it. Collages can also let you combine other photos of the rest of other family members, parents or siblings.


  • Engraved Photo Block


An engrave photo block is smaller and a bit simpler way to display your newborn photos. They usually tend to use only one picture, but it is unique gift to present to family. The material you can use for it can be glass, stone, or something similar. You can also personalize it by engraving it your newborn’s name and date of birth. It can be a classy but still very heartfelt gift for your loved ones.


  • Coffee Mugs


The classic gift of coffee mugs is another gift idea for your family. Not everyone drinks coffee but the mugs can have other uses and make a wonderful gift for grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The mugs also provide options for you to choose from, use one photo or multiple photos, and make a sort of collage on there. The mugs also mean they might be able to last longer. You are also able to personalize the mugs and add names, the birth date, or messages for the person the gift is for. The options as far as the mugs are actually wide.


  • Personalized Frames


This last gift is also more along the traditional gift lines but can also be unique depending on the way you make it your own. The frames usually allow for one photo but you can use different photos of your precious newborn for each family member. With the frames, you can choose the color or messages to add on there. Personalizing the frames adds in a more intimate feel to the gift.

With such precious moments, there are many options available for gifts. Your family will want to share this life event and celebrate with you the happiness you are experiencing. Photo gift ideas like photo collages, engraved photo blocks, coffee mugs, and personalized frames are just a few ideas that you can use. They can be good for any occasion to show your pride and joy. Prepare these gifts for the next gift-giving occasion, and give your family a precious newborn photo memory.