Questions You Need to Ask Before a Newborn Photo Shoot


Before you go through with the newborn shoot, there are some things you need to consider asking before things take off. Whether you are new to the photography scene or not, it helps to understand how the process is going to work and what you can expect from the big day. Below, we will go over a number of questions that you need to ask your photographer.

What is Your Experience in Posing Newborns?

Let’s face it, a newborn is not naturally going to curl up into those cute position and rest his or her head on a fluffy turtle’s back. It is important for you to make sure that your newborn photographer has experience in posing newborns. Again, make sure the experience is with newborns as they are much different than a school-aged child. You should ask to see some of their portfolio photos to see the different poses and how well they look.

Do You Have Props?

This is another great question to ask because if your photographer does not have the props, then you will need to purchase some or go without them. Your newborn photographer should have all of this stuff on hand such as blankets, baskets, headbands, and stuffed animals. If not, you may want to consider hiring a more experienced photographer.

Do You Have a Studio?

Some photographs work out of their home or they travel to come see you in a location or your choice while others have a studio. Whether the photographer you choose has a studio or not is up to you. There is nothing wrong with a photographer who travels to you and you may even feel more comfortable in your own home. The choice is really up to you.

Can Parents and Siblings Join In?

Before you assume that your photographer is okay with taking pictures of the entire family with the newborn, ask first. Many photographers will not mind, but you need to make sure you let them know as well. Never just show up and surprise someone.

Do You Work Alone?

Lastly, you should find out whether the newborn photographer works alone or if he or she works with an assistant. The choice is up to you again, but a professional who has an assistant will be able to get the job done quicker than someone who has to stop after every photo.

Hire Couture Portraits

Before you just settle on one newborn photographer, speak with numerous ones and have them answer the questions above. These questions will help you decide whether or not the photographer you are talking to is right for you. Couture Portraits is happy to answer all of your questions and we look forward to capturing you and baby on film.