Summer Themes for a Newborn Shoot


If you are ready to have a newborn shoot performed, you are in luck as summer is nearing right around the corner. Instead of becoming anxious about thinking of a theme, there is a large selection of summer themes that make any newborn photo shoot crazy cute. Not only will you have fun throughout the shoot, you will be able to relax and unwind and then look back at the amazing photos. Below, we will go over some fun summer themes for you to consider.

Poolside Baby

The sun is up and it is time to let it all hang out, right? You can choose to go with a poolside theme for your newborn baby this summer. You can purchase a small float or ring for your baby to lie on. To mimic water, simply use a ruffled blue sheet. You can place a small cup in one of baby’s hands and a ruby ducky in the other. This theme is bound to catch your family’s attention.

In addition to the above theme, you could choose to stack up some towels under an umbrella next to a cute pool scene. Lay baby on the towels and snap some photos.

On the Beach

The beach is another great spot for newborn photos to be done. You can choose to have baby lying next to a large sandcastle with her bucket and pail or you could snap some shots of your little man hunting for shells.

The beach provides you with a lot of opportunities for photos and you can find cute swimsuits to use for the photo scene as well. Props can range from sharks, boats, sand, shells, and more. Your options are almost endless.

Lemonade Stand

What baby doesn’t need to relax with some lemonade? When you think of summer you probably think of the neighborhood lemonade stands. Have a small mock stand and take some pictures of baby with a small glass and a lemonade pitcher.

Flower Picking

Lastly, babies always look adorable around flowers so stage a flower picking scene. You can have a variety of potted flowers around your newborn with a bucket, watering can, and shovel. Dress your baby in a cute sundress or shorts and shirt and a sassy pair of shades. You will love the way these photos turn out.

If you are ready to get your newborn photos completed and sent out to your family members, Couture Portraits can help. We specialize in newborn photography and we can help you choose the correct summer theme and more.