The Big Picture

What To Expect

You can expect your child/children to have fun!!  Consider us your “nanny” for the duration of the photo session.  Children are expected to laugh, play, run, sing, and do whatever makes their hearts content.  We prefer to capture your little ones as they are; just let your kiddo be and trust that we will anticipate the moment to capture the images that drew you to our work.


We want to meet you!  So the journey begins with a 15-20 minute consultation. This is when we discuss your vision for your child/children or family portrait.   To schedule your session, we require a small non-refundable session fee: $150 local session or $250 out of town session (beach/mountains).  If you bring us chocolate, we may consider waiving this fee!  :-)  You can also pick up our Price Menu at this time.

Session Fee

The session fee (local $150 / destination $250) includes the following:

  • Consultation
  • Photo Session
  • Our Time and Talent
  • Viewing/Order Appointment

What To Wear

It can be hard to tell parents exactly what to wear; therefore, we will mention a few things your family shouldn’t wear during a photo session with Couture Portraits:

  • Moms, if you have to wear nylon stockings with your outfit…you’re overdressed!
  • Dads, save the starched white button-down shirts, dress shoes and suit coats for the office.
  • White only looks good at the beach!
  • The 80s was the perfect era to all to be wearing the same shirt and khaki pants!  Let’s mix it up!
  • Adult clothing on newborns.  Newborns do not look cute in a baby tuxedo.  Formal clothing not only makes your child uncomfortable, but it makes us uncomfortable as well!
  • We LOVE color, layers, patterns and textures!!  Use hats, scarves and/or jewelry to complete your look!!   Don’t forget that children can have style too!  We will chat more about clothing at our consultation.
  • We LOOOVE clothing from Nordstrom, J. Crew & “crewcuts” by J. Crew, Free People, Matilda Jane and Persnickety!


The most natural portraits are created when people are relaxed and comfortable.  Therefore, all toddler, sibling, senior, and/or family sessions are created either at your home or on-location; we prefer not to be confined by the boundaries of a studio setting.   During your consultation, we can offer many suggestions for a location to create a portrait that is personal and distinctive to your family’s style.  In-studio sessions are perfect for newborns up to 9 months old.

Typical Sessions

Our sessions are never rushed, and there are no firm time limits.  Generally, we want the session to be short and sweet because we understand that children (and dads) have short attention spans!  Some of our favorite portraits are from sessions that were only 30 minutes long.

Mom and Dad, feel free to have a glass of wine before you leave home!  Let’s not make this a stressful evening; we have everything covered!  All you need to do is relax, have fun, and smile–we have the rest!  It is our job, not yours, to get the yummy expressions on your kiddos.

We don’t have a certain number of images we create.  Because we are artists, we work on impulse from your child’s or your family’s energy.  We will create the images from what we see and feel from you; doing so gives each family a unique session.  Because there are no pre-thought poses, we move fast and try a lot of things.  Variety is what keeps the session fun and exciting.

After The Session

At the time of your session, a viewing/order appointment will be scheduled approximately one week from the photo session.  You will be shown a slideshow of your images, and then we will go through each image and select the portraits you would like to invest in.  We will help you choose your finishes and sizes that best fit your ideas for displaying your images.  Please make sure that all decision makers are present and that you secure a babysitter for your kiddos.

At this time, all orders should be placed. Generally, we set aside up to 3 hours for us to make some really great decisions! If orders are not placed, there may be a charge for an additional viewing/ordering appointment.

**If you want one less thing on your “To Do List,” I am happy to come measure your walls for you!  Please schedule that appointment before your viewing/order appointment.

** Orders must be paid in full to be processed; however, we can construct a payment plan if needed.

Portrait orders not placed at the viewing and ordering session will remain active for up to 30 days, at which point we will archive all your images.  Orders placed after 30 days will be subject to a $150.00 archive retrieval fee.

Quality work takes time!  Depending on the time of year, please allow 4-6 weeks for finished products.  If you need items sooner, please talk to us, and we will do our best to expedite when possible. Rush fees may apply. Remember, we are also available to help design your wall art displays and to help hang your final artwork!


Our average client invests anywhere from $500-$3,500.  We know that is a big gap; however, your investment will depend on your needs.  Some families want a few smaller images, and others are looking for a collection of framed canvas portraits for their home decor.  Because we are a boutique portrait studio, we create specific collections for you based on your needs.  We offer the finest products in the industry from traditional prints and canvases to the most spectacular albums and image boxes!  Please pop by our studio to view our galleries and products.  You can pick up a Price Menu at that time as well.  You can also view our Bebe Club for newborn/baby’s first year packages.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our images and our sessions.  We will gladly reshoot or replace; it’s that simple! Our goal is to go beyond your expectations!