Things to Bring to a Baby Shoot


Baby’s photo shoot is one of the most important moments of your life and you will cherish these pictures for a lifetime. It is important to know what to bring with you when you are heading to have pictures taken. Often times, people will forget to bring certain items or they will bring too many different things and cause confusion for themselves.

One of the first things you want to make sure to bring with you is baby. Of course, right? You should also bring everyone that you want to be in the photo. For example, you may want mom, dad, and siblings present for the shoot. If not, simply bring whoever it is that you want to appear in baby’s first photos.

Next, you will need to bring a couple of dress choices for baby. For instance, if you have a crochet outfit, a newborn outfit, and then one or two other outfits you love, bring them so that baby can be changed into them when the time comes. You do not necessarily want tons of the same picture so having a variety of outfits will allow you to take multiple photo types.

Next, you should bring along any props that you want to use in the photos. Some people choose to use letter blocks spelling out their child’s name or even a big teddy bear. You can choose any props you want and often, your photographer will have many different choices for you to look through as well. Just remember, if you have a special prop you will need to bring it yourself as your photographer may not carry it.

Lastly, you should bring some items to care for baby with you. Many new parents do not know how long a photoshoot will take and they underestimate whether or not they need to bring diapers or bottles with them. It is always safe to do so since baby may get fussy a couple of times throughout the shoot.

Being prepared for your baby’s newborn shoot will help the process go smoothly. If you have never had a photoshoot done before, you should speak to your photographer and find out what their preferences are as far as location, time, and poses of your baby. Your photographer needs to be comfortable working with newborns to ensure that you get the best photos possible.