Tips for Choosing Outfits for Your Baby’s Holiday Photos


So the Holidays are right around the corner and you are beginning to accomplish things on your holiday to-do list? But, after purchasing all those holiday gifts, what is the second step on your to-do list? Why, of course, it is to get your baby’s holiday photos taken. Holiday photos are a rite of passage every child has to go through for numerous years, especially when they are still in the baby age bracket. Holiday photos are the best way to look fondly of your child’s younger years, and they are a hit with all the relatives.

Despite all the holiday cheer that surrounds your baby’s holiday photos, the event can quickly escalate into an annoyance if not handled correctly. One of the biggest contributors to the stress levels of a newborn photography session is the decision of the parents to what the outfit will be for their child’s holiday photos. Below are some tips for choosing your baby’s outfit, so that you are properly prepared and the holiday photo process will run quickly and smoothly.

Consider the baby’s age

Depending on your baby’s age, whether it is a couple days old or closer to a year old, there may be clothing options that will be easier to clothe your child in. Even though it doesn’t seem like weeks or months makes that much of a difference, for children in their infancy it can be a major contributing factor to how cooperative they will be. If your baby is a brand-new infant, your outfit may not last more than a few hours without stains from spit-up or other such bodily functions. This could be solved by buying a clean bib to wear over your baby’s outfit. You can get a bib that is festive so that you won’t feel as if you are distracting form the outfit itself.

Simplicity is key

With infants, especially those that are in the newborn range, simple is good. Clothes can be more of a hassle at this age and are easily damaged by spit-up. You baby will look just as adorable with little to no clothing. A simple diaper or blanket would be just as sufficient for a holiday photo as any outfit.

Have a back up

If you are keen on the idea of an outfit for your baby’s holiday photo you should try to ensure that you have a back-up outfit, or two, or three. Infants are very prone to spit-up and other bodily leaks, so it is better to be prepared. You do not want your holiday photos to be ruined, or have to postpone them, because you didn’t plan ahead and bring a spare outfit in your diaper bag.

Holiday photos, especially ones of your baby, can prove to be a very exciting event. They make the perfect holiday present and your family members will be delighted to see them. Through adequate planning and preparation you can make the photo process as quick and painless as possible for your infant. For more information on holiday photos and your newborn photography session, visit the website for Couture Portraits today!