Top Color Themes for a Newborn Shoot


Your newborn photo shoot is going to be in a small comfortable boutique where your baby is comfortable and relaxed. Your newborn is going to be in great hands which mensal you have to worry about is what color theme you want for your sweet angel. While you might want to see what the photographer has in store there are a few color theme that are popular for everyone. By looking through the following top color themes, you can have an idea about what color background you want for your newborn baby.


Simple White

A simple white blanket is the basic choice and starting option for all newborn baby photo shoots. Newborn photography is going to be all about the baby, which is why many parents want the baby to be the only color in the shot. Your sleep and tired baby is going to be the center of attention when surrounded by a plain white color thing. The simplicity will have everyone’s eyes drawn to your bundle of joy as they are drifting into slumber.


Baby Blue

A blue color theme is an easy selection for newborn photography. You might be using these professional photos for a newborn announcement with a simple “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” theme. You might have chosen to keep the baby’s sex a surprise until the birth and a blue color scheme is a great way to announce you were gifted with a baby boy. The blue background can also work with the baby’s eye color.


Baby Pink

A pink color background theme is a simple selection for your newborn as they take on their first photo shoot. The pink theme as a great and simple way to say “it’s a girl” in your newborn announcement. The color pink is also a great light tone that is just as subtle as white but gives your baby’s picture more color. A pick color theme background can also work if your baby is using a colored prop that works well with pick.


Who Needs Color

If the idea of color isn’t what you want for your newborn photography session there is another option. The no color selection is going to give your baby a black and white appearance that allows your baby to be the only focus of the photograph. The lack of color is going to give your baby a beautifully clear image that highlights every fold and crease in its curled and content sleeping pose.


Any newborn photo shoot is going to have the sleeping and content pose of your young bundle of joy drifting off. The theme and the color choice is yours alone as your baby just needs to be comfortable. Even without one of these colors, you can still give your ideas to the photographer ahead of time. Your baby is going to look as perfect and at peace no matter which color is behind them. The important part is that you are happy with the color selections you have made.