What to Wear to Participate in a Newborn Shoot


If this is your first newborn photoshoot, congratulations. It is a special time in your life and there is nothing more precious than capturing you and baby on camera. Not only will you oohhh and aaahhh at the photos, you will be able to see the special connection that you and your baby share together.

Now that your photo shoot is coming up quick, you are probably scrambling for ideas of what to wear. Since you have never taken a shoot before with baby, you may be confused on what is considered acceptable and what works well with the themes. To help you overcome your worry about what to wear, we have gone over some of the basics below to help you.

Choose a Soft Color for Mom and Dad

Since you want your baby to be the focus of the photos, you do not want to wear colors that are too bright and flashy. It is recommended that parents wear colors that are light such as pastels. You want the colors to complement baby and not draw away from your child. Since your newborn will likely be naked in the photos, you do not have to worry about matching your shirt to the baby’s outfit, but mom and dad should match closely.

Skin on Skin Photos

If you are comfortable with it, skin on skin photos are a traditional classic and they exude love. Many fathers will go shirtless and hold their naked newborns on their chest or shoulder. Moms, don’t be shy! You can take some breathtaking photos of you caring for baby, breastfeeding, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Don’t Match Identically

While above we mentioned you should match the colors and styles, it is important not to match fully. While it may be cute for mom, dad, and baby to all wear the exact same outfits, it is also cheesy and not preferred. Remember, the focus is on baby and you do not want to draw away from that with matching outfits.

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

You never need to be afraid to add some accessories to your photos. Of course, you want to avoid using items that will draw too much attention to you, but you can add some attraction to the entire photo with a stylish broach or bracelet.

Need Help Choosing an Outfit?

If you need help choosing an outfit, you are not alone. Many families are unsure of what to wear and what colors to match. At Couture Portraits, you can find the help you need and we can provide you with information about what we think looks great together.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a picture with baby just because you are afraid of what clothes to wear.