Best Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners

When you’ve decided it’s time to get yourself a cat, you’re likely going to have a lot of questions and concerns. The first thing you want to do is cat-proof your home. Ensuring that you have all of the requisite cat supplies is key. However, the most important thing would be choosing the right cat to adopt or get who will have an easy time fitting into your lifestyle. Alternatively, if you are a dog owner and reading this article you may be interested in seeing ‘why dog kennels are bad‘.

Whenever you decide to get a cat, you’ll have several factors you want to consider:


You want to think about the age of the ideal cat. Are you looking for a kitten or do you want a mature cat?

Activity Levels

You want to think about how active you want the cat to be. Some will be more playful and energetic than others. While an active cat will certainly bring fun and entertainment, they are more likely to cause problems in your household.


You need to think about how often you are prepared to groom your cat. Some cats will inherently require more grooming than others.


Think about how much affection you plan on showing your cat and how much you want from your cat. Some cats will demand attention from you at all times and some are more independent.

With so many breeds to choose from, you will have a lot of options. Because of this, choosing the right cat to fit into your lifestyle is important.

Maine Coon

This is one of the largest breeds of cat you will find. This breed is typically very affectionate, but they don’t demand your full attention at all times. This cat will likely follow you around your home and get along well with everyone in it. This is also a very playful cat but one that will require a lot of frequent grooming.


This is a breed that is affectionate and cuddly. It enjoys being around their family. These cats are very quiet, but they enjoy having fun. They are very kid-friendly because of their polite nature. They will require routine maintenance and grooming because they have long hair.


This is a breed of cat that is both friendly and affectionate. It loves to be around his/her people. These cats typically have shorter hair which can be good if you don’t want to spend time and money on excessive grooming. This cat is generally very playful and intelligent. However, it’s also one that typically requires a lot of your attention.

Exotic Shorthair

These are typically easygoing cats. They love to be around their family and interact with them, but they can be timider towards strangers. This cat will love to play with you and cuddle in your lap. This breed lives up to its name with short hair which means it’s easy to groom him or her.

Scottish Fold

This is a very smart breed and they usually have a quirky personality. They are cute with their folded ears and they tend to be very curious. They love to follow their people around the home and they typically do well with children. These cats require a lot of combing because of their long hair.


This is a cat that is both affectionate and cuddly. They are considered ‘social butterflies’ as they demand a lot of attention. However, they are very playful and fun. Because they are ‘nude’ cats, you don’t need to worry about having cat hair all over the house. However, they require frequent baths because of it.

American Shorthair

This shorthair car is both social and friendly. They are good with kids and other pets and they don’t require too much attention. Because they have short hair, you don’t need to worry about strenuous grooming requirements.

Adult Rescue

You can find kittens and cats that require a new family. You will find a lot of rescue organisations that can tell you more about individual cats and their breeds. They should be able to ‘right fit’ you with a cat based on what you’re looking for.

While you can find specific characteristics that are common in breeds, every cat has their personality and quirks. Therefore, you can’t use generalisations for everything. However, knowing what the breeds are known for can help a lot when choosing one.