The Appealing Advantages of Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have been around for decades, but it is only recently that they have gained traction among households. The assorted advantages of tilt and turn windows can be both subtle and overt. First and foremost, it is imperative to comprehend the advanced functionality of a tilt and turn window. Basically, it is made of three types of windows namely: hopper window, in-swing window and fixed window. Thanks to innovation in modern hardware, when the handle is put in the downward position, the window locks, and becomes a fixed window as a result. When you turn the handle 90 degrees, the window swings inward and when you do so 180 degrees or upward, it’s able to tilt open.

Here is a closer look at the varying benefits of tilt and turn windows in this day and age:


Perhaps the most obvious advantage of tilt and turn windows is the ventilation, which can be varied. Its tilt functionality enables top ventilation, allowing the easy flow of air through the window’s top section. This tilt allows hot air to quickly escape and allow strong breezes into the house. On the other hand, the turn function creates adequate airflow and movement for optimum ventilation. When combined, you get full control over ventilation with a high level of precision. If you are in need of soundproof windows then see here.

More Secure

In order for a tilt and turn window to operate, it calls for solid internal hardware with several locking points. In addition, the in-swing hinges also secure the window further from being pulled or forced open from the outside. The tilt position also helps in security while allowing for ventilation. Still, the inward tilt function allows it to stay open with little ability for unwanted guests to fully open the window.

Easy to Clean

It is rare to come across windows that are easy to clean, but with the ability to turn a window, you can safely clean the outside while still inside your house. This means you do not have to deal with ladders or additional tools and products to do the job. With a simple handle turn, a seasonal chore becomes quick and easy maintenance.


Whether you are looking for aluminium or a combination of wood and aluminium materials for your windows, the options are almost limitless with the many combinations of glazing, colours and frame and handle choices. You will come across handles available in powder-coated or stainless steel, lending you a modern top-notch look. As for colours, you will have over 300 options. If privacy is a priority, there are up to six varying obscure glazing choices, allowing natural light in, without sacrificing privacy. We also have window frames available in up to four varying styles, depending on the aesthetic you are looking to achieve.

Better Air Seals

A tilt and turn window’s performance might be the least obvious way that it’s superior to other types. Thanks to the tight air-seals, you can expect an air-tight window and thus better performance. Traditionally, single-hung, double-hung and sliding windows are more susceptible to water and air leakage because of the lack of air seals and subpar materials. However, with most tilt and turn windows, performance is not much of a concern, especially if you purchase from a reputable supplier.

Hidden Hinges

Most tilt and turn windows come with hidden hinges, providing a truly clean and aesthetically pleasing look. This lends the illusion of a fixed window while staying functional. In addition, there are no obstructive materials, providing a modern and sleek look.

With all these benefits, it makes sense to invest in tilt and turn windows today!

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