4 Benefits And Reasons To Use A Recruitment Agency

Identify the Right Talent

Recruitment agencies help bridge the gap between employers looking for specific talent and professionals hunting for career opportunities. These agencies group candidates based on their specific qualifications, making it easier to identify the right candidate for a particular position. With an extensive database of potential candidates, the risk of employers hiring the wrong candidate is extremely low.

Thousands of candidates upload their resumes and qualifications on the recruitment agency’s website. With these at hand, the agency can sieve through the list of suitable candidates for a job once an employer creates a vacancy detailing the role criteria. It is also worth noting that most of the candidates on the database already hold a position somewhere but are open to a new opportunity as soon as it presents itself. With such a strong network of qualified and competent candidates, an employer can find the right talent with minimal effort.

In addition to helping find the right candidate for the job, most recruitment agencies have a vast knowledge of the various job market. Thus, they can help you, the employer, identify the best talent based within your locality relatively quickly. By working directly with employers and candidates, the agency gets to learn more about most employers’ requirements and goals and the type of talent they would be looking for. This makes the process of identifying the right talent relatively straightforward. To find a recruitment agency it pretty simple all you have to do is a simple Google search, however, one recruitment agency I would highly recommend is The Recruitment Lab.

Advertising Roles

Advertising for vacancies is one of the biggest challenges many employers face. One of the reasons for this is that their advertisements do not get the right exposure, hence many generic applications. Another reason for this is because many of the ‘ideal’ candidates for the advertised position are already busy somewhere, or simply don’t get to see the ad.

Many candidates looking for a new job/position will first log on to recruitment agency sites before looking in other areas. Recruitment agencies also do a better job in advertising vacancies both online and offline. The agency can run numerous campaigns for a specific job advert to ensure as many candidates as possible get to see it. They also use their already existing contact list and network to identify and notify candidates who might qualify for the position. Contacting candidates that are eligible for a particular position directly, and inviting them to apply for the role, also increases the chances of hiring the right talent.

Negotiating Salaries

Picture a scenario where you’ve identified the right talent for the job and made an offer, only to find their salary and benefits expectations don’t match yours! Such is quite common with many employers, making a recruitment process longer than it should. Recruitment agencies, however, benchmark remuneration against the various industries and companies, which enable candidates to have an idea of what to expect before applying for a role.

It is common for recruitment agencies to negotiate salaries on behalf of both the candidate and the employer. This helps ensure both parties understand what is at stake before going further with the interview or hiring process. This almost always increases the chances of finding the right candidate with a realistic prospect.

Interviewing Candidates

Recruitment agencies handle most of the hard stuff, including identifying and interviewing candidates on behalf of the employer. The candidate will first have an interview via phone before narrowing it down to a list of potential talent. The screening process makes it easier to eliminate unsuitable matches, saving lots of time. The consultants then run background checks on shortlisted candidates before they can even be called in for an interview. Only after the candidates have passed screening and background checks can they forward the shortlisted candidates to your HR department. Hiring through a recruitment agency will thus see your company save lots of time and money in the long run.

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