Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Stop Smoking and Protect Your Loved Ones

You are not going to protect only yourself when you stop smoking. You are also protecting your loved ones and those around you. There is an increased risk of lung cancer when someone breathes in second-hand smoke by 24% and heart disease by 25%. This is the case in both adults and children.

Over 80% of secondhand smoke is odourless and invisible, and even if you are careful, they are going to breathe in the harmful poisons. It puts them at risk of diseases like cancer, meningitis, pneumonia, and bronchitis, according to NHS.
This is why there has been a ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces since 2007. It is also illegal to smoke inside a car when there are children inside. When you quit, you remove these risks from family and friends and anyone around you.
Children are at most risk from second-hand smoke. Children breathe faster than adults and will take in more of the harmful smoke compared to adults. Second-hand smoke is bad because it accounts for the following in children:
120,000 cases of middle ear disease
More than 20,000 cases of lower respiratory tract infections.
22,000 cases of asthma and wheeze

Quitting is Going to Increase Your Life Expectancy

You can quit now; it is never too late to stop. Men who quit when they are 60 usually add about 3 years to their life. Whether you have smoked a couple of times or you are a lifelong smoker, here is what is going to happen after the last cigarette;

20 minutes after the last smoke, your pulse rate goes back to normal
8 hours after your last smoke, the carbon monoxide and nicotine levels in your blood reduce by more than half. Oxygen levels start returning to normal.

48 hours after your last cigarette, carbon monoxide is removed from the body. The lungs start clearing out debris like mucus. Your body will not have any nicotine left, and your ability to smell and taste is going to improve.

Breathing becomes easier after 72 hours because the bronchial tubes start to relax. Your energy levels also start to increase.

Over the next couple of weeks and months, circulation in your body is going to improve. Wheezing, coughs, and breathing problems will also start improving. A year after you had your last cigarette, heart disease risk is halved compared to a smoker.

Ten years after you quit, the risk of lung cancer is going to be half compared to someone still smoking. 15 years after your last smoke, your heart attack risks become the same as someone who has never smoked.

Quitting Improves Your Fitness

Smoking has been shown to affect fitness levels. When you smoke, you are going to be out of breath quicker and easier. This makes it harder for you to do any physical activity. Some even start to be out of breath by walking up a flight of stairs.

Your lung capacity is going to increase by up to 10% within 10 months of quitting. You are going to see a huge impact when you walk to the shops or work out at the gym. You will become more active and healthier. This is important when it comes to fighting against common medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. On the topic of fitness as a side point if you would looking for a sports massage then see sports massage Fleet.

Your Sex Life Improves When You Quit Smoking

You are also going to see a boost in your sex life when you quit. When you quit, your circulation is going to improve, and that will increase sensitivity. When you quit, you can lower your risk of erectile dysfunction.
Studies have shown that non-smokers are more appealing to prospective partners compared to smokers.