4 Benefits Of Regular Exercise

1) Improves Mental/Emotional Health

Did you know that exercising will make you feel happier? Statistics show that it improves mood and decreases anxiety, depression, and stress. That is because it causes changes in the parts where the brain regulates stress and anxiety. It also increases brain sensitivity for hormone imbalance (serotonin and norepinephrine).

It increases the production of endorphins, which is a hormone known to increase positive feeling and decreases the perception of pain. The good news is that it does not matter or is affected by the intensity of the workout. A person’s mood is affected no matter the kind of exercise they prefer doing.

This is something that has been proven by research according to 4Trusted Source. The study showed that 24 women who had been diagnosed with depression experienced improvements immediately after they began exercising. Another report showed that those who stop exercising experience a significant increase in anxiety and depression symptoms after a few weeks. If you are wanting to get back into exercise but haven’t exercised for a while or are feeling a bit shy I would highly recommend you find yourself a personal trainer. To find a personal trainer just search in google PT in your local area (e.g.if you live in Woking search pt in Woking.)

2) Help In Weight Loss

Many people are gaining weight due to their lifestyle choices. In fact, today it is easy to gain weight because things are much easier. A person gets access to various services without leaving the comfort of their home. All this has been made possible by the growing and improving technology.

Since everything can be accessed by the touch of a button, people have become less active. According to research, inactivity is the leading factor for weight gain and obesity. To better understand the effects of exercise on weight reduction, it is important to understand the relationship between energy consumption and exercise.

The body uses energy in three ways: –

  • Digestion
  • Physical activity such as exercising
  • Repairing and maintaining body functions like breathing, heartbeat, etc.

Dieting (or reducing the calorie intake) will decrease metabolic rate, which can help in weight loss. However, increasing physical activity such as aerobic exercises is a sure way of increasing metabolic rate, which will burn calories.

The essence of weight loss is reducing fat while maintaining muscle mass. Research has shown that a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercises can help maximize fat loss.

3) It Health For Muscles And Bones

Exercise plays an important role in building both muscles and bones. Exercises such as weightlifting stimulate clearly how it has an impact on muscle building, especially when paired with proper protein intake. That is because when a person is exercising, the body release hormones that promote amino acid absorption. With helps the muscles to grow. It also reduces its breakdown.

It is a known fact that as people age, they tend to lose muscle mass and function. This makes ageing people susceptible to injury. However, when they begin to practice and maintain regular physical activity such as exercising will essentially help reduce the effects of muscle loss while maintaining strength as people become older.

Let’s not forget the fact that exercises help build bone density when a person is young. It also helps prevent osteoporosis later in life. Experts say that high impact exercise like running, gymnastics, or impact sports like basketball and football may help promote higher bone density compare to non-impact sports like cycling or swimming.

4) Boosts Energy Levels

It is a known fact that exercise makes a person feel energetic. It does not matter if a person has a medical condition, when they exercise it opens all senses, hence the energy. There is research that showed 6 weeks of constant exercise helps reduce the feeling of fatigue in 36 people who agreed to participate in the study and had persistent fatigue.

It has been proven to increase energy levels for people with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) or other severe illnesses. In fact, according to experts, exercise is more effective at combatting CFS compared to other forms of treatment. It has been discovered that it increases energy levels in people with life-threatening conditions like cancer.

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