Why Bespoke Furniture Simply Makes Sense

Prior to entering into a discussion of whether bespoke furniture is the right choice for you, it might be a good idea to learn a little more about the difference between off-the-shelf furniture and bespoke items.

So what exactly is Bespoke Furniture?

Bespoke furniture is designed for an individual according to their unique requirements. They are one-off creations, made on behalf of those that have commissioned the items. If you are looking for a high-quality company that can provide you with Bespoke furniture one company that I would highly recommend is Sophie Sews.

Of the Shelf Furniture.

Off-the-shelf furniture is manufactured in large numbers. It is not customized and is available through a number of retail outlets. It is usually cheaper than bespoke furniture due (in part) to economies of scale.

So, why would anyone choose the bespoke furniture option? Companies that manufacture bespoke furniture produce items that appeal to those in the design business, as well as individual homeowners -but why is this so?

Experience and ease of Purchase.

It is worth noting that a piece of bespoke furniture may not take as long to produce as many people think. The designer and manufacturer usually has the raw materials at hand and can therefore produce that unique piece fairly quickly. This can differ from other retailers who may have to wait months for new stock to arrive, in part due to the fact that much of the mass-produced furniture is imported. A British firm that makes bespoke furniture will deliver quickly and the relationship between the manufacturer and client is generally closer – so the process of sourcing that bespoke piece can be easy to arrange.

A bespoke furniture manufacturer will have a good idea of your needs – that personal relationship can make getting the furniture of your dreams that much easier.

The process of getting your hands on that unique piece usually follows a fairly standard timeline.

First, you will be asked to brief the designer and come to an agreement on just when you can expect your piece (and how much it will cost). Then the designer will provide you with a design concept and a final cost. Thereafter a firm estimate will be generated along with a 3D model of the piece that you have in mind. You will then be asked to pay a deposit. The manufacturing process will follow and the final piece will be delivered (or installed). The entire process is interactive and you will be involved at every step as you join in the journey to that perfect item – and you learn from some of the best in the trade – and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your piece is manufactured to the highest of quality standards.

A Product of the Highest Quality.

Your furniture will be manufactured in line with your explicit instructions – and it will be a quality piece. This will differ from those off-the-shelf options which are often manufactured using sub-standard materials – your bespoke furniture will stand the test of time.

There will be no shortcuts when it comes to making your bespoke furniture. Easy does not equal quality -whether it be a chair or a cabinet. However, that extra care and time mean that the piece will hold its value – and will be a unique expression of taste that will last for generations. That piece of bespoke furniture may be more expensive when compared to the standard products available from a high street retailer – but the return on investment is far greater. It will be unique and an addition to the decor of any home (yours or the clients) that is simply unique. However, it is worth noting that bespoke furniture need not cost the earth – manufacturers typically do not have a brick and mortar store – you’re paying for superior materials and expertise – not the cost of their real estate, and that keeps costs down.

A Unique Piece.

Your bespoke furniture is made to your instructions – but that means it is a personal expression of style that perfectly matches your taste and lifestyle.

The world is your oyster when it comes to bespoke furniture – the options are almost limitless. The designer and manufacturer will be at hand to advise and guide you when it comes to style, colour, shape and materials – as well as any personal finishing touches that may be required. This furniture is a reflection of you (or the client). It is truly unique.

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