Why You Should Love SEO And Pursue It as Your Career?

If you just graduate and you want to change your career or you just want to know what is SEO, here are some of the top reasons why you should love SEO:

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

One of the main online traffic sources is Google. Of course, there are other great traffic sources on the internet. In fact, some people have used Social Media to build successful businesses. However, many service providers and retailers rely on Search Engines to get traffic to their websites. Therefore, you can use SEO to drive more traffic to your website from the Search Engines.

It is Broad Field of Digital Marketing

SEO is a broad field of digital marketing. There are different parts of SEO, including content, account management, insight, outreach and technical. The different parts of SEO require different skills, such as creativity, communications, computer sciences, multimedia and technical skills. Therefore, an SEO career is interesting, exciting, rewarding and challenging since there are so many things you must learn.

It Requires Special Skills

SEO is broad, so you will need special skills for your chosen niche. In fact, an SEO team compromises different specialists, such as great communicators, strategic thinkers, analytical types, creative writers, technical minds and many more. Therefore, a Web Developer can work with a Digital PR Exec on the same SEO campaign. They work together to achieve the same goal, even though their skills are different. See here for ”Surrey influencers”.

You Will Never Lack Something to Do

You will never stop working on SEO jobs. It is challenging to rank a website in the Search Engines. It can even take several years to rank the website. Even if the site performs wells, you will always have something to do. You will make sure the website aligns to the algorithm updates of Google, search for new keywords to target, perform search analysis, improve rankings of the low-performing articles and build quality links to your articles.

Touches Different Channels

You will never find an SEO silo since SEO touches different channels. Therefore, coders, social media teams, commercial strategists, PR teams and decision-makers can work together to achieve the same objectives. For instance, if you work with the HR department, you will have to optimise the job listings of your company. That is why large companies place SEO at their heart. In short, SEO is important for any company.

Solve Problems

Do you love to solve problems? If yes, then you will love SEO. If you want to solve problems in SEO, you must be an expert and do proper research before implementing your strategies. If you get it right, you will see the performance of the site improving. If the website’s performance improves, it can be highly rewarding.

You Do Not Need Qualifications

It is better to have a degree in business, marketing, web dev, IT, communications, etc. However, it is not necessary when it comes to SEO. As mentioned above, SEO is a broad field. Therefore, you can get into SEO without any qualifications. However, you need to be interested in SEO if you want to be successful with SEO. If you can learn, test and never stop testing and learning, you are more likely to succeed.

The people in this industry share useful tips and tricks and support each other since they have the same goal – to outwit the top Search Engines, including Google. Therefore, you can learn tips and tricks from successful people.