The Best Menswear Trends To Know For 2021

There are multitudes of people that religiously follow the ever-present trends related to fashion. Our opinion, at least now, is that this is not true at all. For example, seasonal trends have been around for decades, but it’s usually a recipe for disaster when it comes to how you look in different situations. The more that you try, the more money you will spend, which can be problematic especially for your bank account.

If you want to maintain the self-respect that you have for yourself, and look your best in the midst of others, you must consider what will likely be a future classic and differentiate that from what is nothing more than a fad that will soon be gone. It’s important to be nudged occasionally, preferably in the right direction, as you look for menswear movements that would actually be helpful as you are figuring out what your wardrobe will be this year.

An example of this would be florals, which continue to be very popular in 2021 when looking at fashion trends for men. See here for Chester Jefferies.

Spring/Summer 2021

Todd Synder

If you think back to the 1970s, if you were around, you may have seen these trends appearing in recent years, going all the way into 2021. In the spring and summer, although it is ideal to use something that may have a floral print, you may not think it will look that great if it reminds you of curtains.

There are several companies such as Bradberry, and even Tom Ford, that have been placing these prints on vacation shirts, shorts, and on other outfits. It is one thing to make a statement with the outfit that you are wearing, and if you do this, it should be both muted and nice in appearance.

Going into the 2020s, you will notice that silhouettes that have a breezy connotation tend to be form-fitting when they are worn. This is the return from the 1980s, and even going a decade further into the 90s, and it will likely be around much longer even though this may not be popular with everyone.

If you are on the wide side, you may want to visit a tailor that can help you out with each outfit that you purchase. Everything should fit properly, and you want all of your outfits, even relaxed cuts, to be as flattering as possible.

If you do a lot of exercises or if you venture into the great outdoors, there are fashion trends that you should also consider. The combination of gorpcore outfits, a term that is actually related to trail mix, is something that is also going to be around for many years or decades.

The North Face, Arc’teryx, and many other companies create outdoor fashion statements with every product release. If you are into outdoor-inspired pieces, even if it is for foreplay cosplay so you can be a mountaineer, you need to be very careful when choosing your outfits.

Rod denim is extremely popular, especially with men. However, during the hot summer months, it’s not going to be your best choice.

There is a solution this season which you should consider. It’s as simple as choosing something that’s a little lighter in colour so it can also go with other items. Mid-wash denim is often a top choice with men because it is not only a good choice now, but will likely belong into the future.

Another possibility is short sleeve shirts, particularly those that are designed with a classic collar, which will likely not make you very popular at the local pub. This can offer a stylish way to create your summer outfits. Camp collar shirts are not a fleeting fad, and you can feel confident that, even years or decades from now, they will still be invoked.

If you are looking for something very different, even bland, you may consider flat lapel collars that are going to work with any outfit and provide a subtle point of focus. If you are wearing swim shorts, perhaps at a restaurant on your favourite beach, this will also be a top choice. There are long sleeve versions of these items, and if you dare to do so, it can be a unique twist that will help you